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During the recently concluded PubCon Las Vegas 2009 search and social media conference Krista Neher, chief executive of Cincinnati-based digital and interactive marketing consultancy Boot Camp Digital sat down and spoke with WebmasterWorld video content producer Vanessa Zamora about the diversity of Twitter and other social media services. Neher shared at least four different successful approaches to using Twitter that were examined in the "Twitter Landscape - Hot Topics and Trends" PubCon session. Neher told Zamora about Warren Whitlock's approach to Twitter that involves being a good listener and interacting personally with followers, Dan Zarrella's less conversational and more scientific use of the social media service, and Chris Winfield's approach relying heavily on asking questions via Twitter. Also covered in the PubCon interview were Neher's ideas for finding which of these and other types of Twitter usage can be the best match for what a particular business is trying to achieve. Neher told Zamora that some of the most successful uses of Twitter are by companies and individuals that use it to build genuine relationships through conversation and by making people excited about what is being Tweeted.

Neher used PubCon as an example of how to successfully wield Twitter to spread information about upcoming conferences.
Before concluding their PubCon interview, Neher told Zamora about some of the tools and services her firm may use to monitor the online reputation of a client, including Radian6, Google Alerts, CoTweet, notifications available in the TweetDeck google application, Nielsen BuzzMetrics, and the search function built in to Twitter itself.

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