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Comment by Ruth K. Badraun on October 26, 2010 at 10:38am
Thanks for these great tips. Now I can go and edit my videos and do the next ones
better from the beginning on.
Comment by David Beairsto on October 26, 2010 at 7:44am
If we begin with keyword research the tags, title, description and name are usually already written down in our notes... knowing what the video will be about should go hand in hand with research because the goal is to generate views. Thanks for that concise explanation;)
Comment by Almir Misimovic on October 26, 2010 at 7:12am
This is a good and yet simple tips that we take for granted. Provide valuebale content, make it as searchabole as possible, make it sharebole , intresting and easy reckegnazibole. I will share this video on twitter, FB, an In.
Comment by Norman on October 26, 2010 at 3:23am
That's very nice and helpful, thanks!! I will share it
Comment by Venkataramanaiah Chekuru on October 26, 2010 at 12:10am
Happy to share material on Holistic Wellness which each one of us encounter every day.
Holistic Wellness

Wellness is an important aspect from childhood to death. Without wellness the individual doesn’t see much in life. The purpose of education, training, property, planning, social intercourse etc, are meant for getting wellness on a sustained basis through out life. Holistic wellness comprises all aspects of wellness namely materialist, spiritualist and lateral.
Holistic wellness comprises of-- holistic wellness at individual level and holistic wellness at societal level which are interconnected.
Holistic wellness at individual level covers such subjects as the general well being, happiness and fulfillment in life. Most individuals are trained from childhood through education by acquiring required knowledge and skills in various aspects of life. They include basic education, professional education, professional fulfillment, marriage, children, family , upbringing of family, and hobbies. During the course of life every individual encounters materialist issues such as proper and hygienic food, sanitation, health care and so on. Here issues such as unadultered and hygienic food, impact of environment, herbs for healthcare, herbs for beauty care, medicines for beauty care & medicines for health care, hospital care, naturopathy etc. are involved leading to fulfilling holistic materialist wellness.
Holistic wellness at spiritualist level involves proper orientation in thinking, harmony from within and outside, peace from within and outside, prayer or surrender to god and/ equanimous bent of mind. Each culture has its own methods to address these issues. However yoga, meditation, lateral thinking, out of box thinking and laughing at oneself, will help the individual himself to adapt within and outside for harmonious holistic wellness at spiritual and societal level. At societal level,holistic wellness involves all the above aspects of the individual level applying at family level, community level, state level, national level and global level. All education imparting knowledge and skills in various faculties, national planning, production of goods and services indicated by GDP and per-capita income, local security, national security and global security are for Holistc Wellness at societal level from materialist angle, spiritualist angle and lateral angle.
The present day world is addressing holistic wellness more in the materialist angle. There is substantial need to address issues at spiritualist level. Though spiritualism is an old subject, there is muddling confusion between symbolisms .There is a need to understand soft/ spiritual angle leading to harmony and peace from within and outside for individuals and groups including at national level. This involves mental hygiene at individual level, family level, national level and global level on an aggregate. Issues of prayer, surrendering before God or equanimity of mind / thought or spiritual innovation- need to be addressed at all levels for achieving synergy, peace, harmony, justice and development every where. Holistic wellness is an all comprehensive concept, impacting everybody individually and severally. By addressing the issue of holistic wellness, all issues at individual and societal level in all spheres namely economic, business, political, governance, justice, cultural, science, spiritual etc, will be addressed.We need to have a re- look at ourselves from the past prism, present prism, and the innovated prism for achieving holistic wellness of all. So, holistic wellness is a huge business for ever.
Comment by SoCalMediaSurferMiccilinaPiraino on October 25, 2010 at 6:23pm
Good Tips, I am sharing this on twitter and Facebook. SoCal Media Surfer - Miccilina Piraino

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