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Re-balanding the Body through energy Healing, Light & Sound and Sacred Geometric forms

The language of Light is cosmic light intelligence
Carried in color streams of consciousness
A place where everything is possible

It is NOW yours to discover how The Secret of Therapeutic Light of the Spectrum, Sound and Sacred Geometric forms and … all combined, access Healing!

It is an innovative & efficient energy approach. It is the ONLY therapy which is capable of working at the Spiritual level, and thus at the levels of the ultimate causes for all problems. Today the most spectacular research in the healing fields reveals us that emotions and thought are the keys to health and healing.
Disease on any level, physical, mental, soul or spiritual, is incorrect vibratory rate(s) patterns which are not appropriate, or, blocked energy pathway(s) within, or even between, the various levels of existence.
The Geometrical amplifiers used here, in combination with the spectra-light, has the ability to balance human energy fields and contains a complex informational system that can be used to access healing in various fields of healing using the Matrix of information to explore & better understand.
This Therapy is the most all-inclusive form of therapy. Each color and sound is a specific vibratory rate and also works in harmonics intervals with other rates. And can thus be used to return/re-educate diseases bodies, emotions and thoughts too.
The forms of geometry are the mirror of our conscience. Geometry can enable us to remember our origins, to be helped to cure on the emotional plans, intellectual or physical. It shows us that we are all interconnected and that we can perceive the various existing plans of conscience.
Science has proven long ago that our bodies are geometrically designed systems.
This Healing therapy uses a specific Light source with crystalline colors of the spectrum which are wavelength & frequency, and Specific Sound to balance energy wherever body is lacking it and to remove Blockages and applied to specific Meridians points. Our bodies have meridians carrying energy & connecting with each organ and all organs corresponds to a specific color. When blockages in meridians happen disease follows.
Healing then, takes place on a wide spectrum and levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.
Each organ and energy vortex in your Body(Chakras) are then balanced, blood and DNA refreshed, dissolving toxins and blocks.
It entirely clears your Auric Fields and your body self repairs and heals even.
The Future of Healing lies in… yourself. Light is energy, light is cells communication and speaks to the cells in the Body. Without light there is no life.
To heal at the levels of cause and symptoms and fully unlock your healing, incorrect vibration must be non only retuned, but the energy must also be raised.
Raising you from the 3rd to the fifth (the Ascencion reconnecting your DNA from 2 to 12
Did you know that the 90% part of your DNA that science has called Junk are Spiritual.DNA is more than chemistry! I
For more information:
VIE can be contacted at 407-902 7199 (by appt Only)

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At 7:25am on March 25, 2010, Jairo Cifuentes said…
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