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Ten Ways Your Business Can Make Money on Twitter

Author: Sofia Sapojnikova

Twitter is a social media platform that lets the world know what you are up to. There are millions of Twitter-addicts now and the number of active users has increased by 900% in the past year.

You have people “following” you and you will “follow” others. “Following” is being updated every time a new post is added to one of your contacts’ profiles. It’s not about adding as many people as you can to your friends list. You need to be smart about building your follower base.

Businesses can also use it to promote themselves. The problem is that many companies using Twitter don’t understand how it works, and consequently their marketing efforts don’t pay off. The consensus about whether or not businesses can be truly effective has yet to be determined but implementation is simple and it is easy to try with little risk.

These 10 steps will help your company gain a presence on Twitter.

1. Import Your Contacts

Twitter allows you to import contacts from Gmail, Hotmail and your own address book. Do it.

2. Make Sure that Your Profile is Complete

Fill in all the fields and include your website URL. You can also personalize your Twitter page to match your company’s branding.

3. Build Your Followers Base

There are many things that you can do to build your followers base. Most important - put a link to “Follow Me on Twitter” everywhere.

4. TweetROI

With TweetROI, you pay Twitter users to publish tweets about your business. With TweetROI, Twitter users are paid when they publish your requested tweet regardless of whether anyone actually clicks on an accompanying link.

5. Twittad

With Twittad, you “buy” space on Twitter users’ profile backgrounds. This is a great concept because it’s non-intrusive to the Twitter user experience. Since the risk of advertising on Twitter is having your ads be perceived as nothing more than spam, a non-intrusive opportunity like Twittad is a nice option.

6. Be a Magpie

Be a Magpie works similarly to TweetROI in that you pay Twitter users to publish tweets about your business. However, with Be a Magpie, you only pay the Twitter user who publishes your sponsored tweets when another user actually clicks on them.

7. Betweeted

Betweeted is another opportunity similar to Be a Magpie. You set up the amount you’re willing to pay per click and can even write the specific tweets you want Twitter users to republish.


With Re-Tweet, you just list the Twitter update you want people to retweet in their own Twitter streams. The site works using a “credits” system where Twitter users earn credits for retweeting updates posted on

9. TweetLater

Another crucial element of managing any Twitter account is updating with Tweets on a daily busy. Staying active with your Twitter account is easier said than done though, especially for time-constrained small business owners. If you are too busy to personally update your Twitter account with tweets every day, you can use TweetLater, one of the best Twitter applications available for small business owners anywhere.

10. Understand the Dynamics

Twitter is a social tool, not a classifieds site. Don’t spam others about your specials. Follow other users. Be active in the community (tweet and post comments about others’ tweets often.) Only post useful and relevant information. Don’t tweet every 5 minutes. Engage in conversations.

These are ten useful tips that will get your business up and running on Twitter. If you have further questions, please contact Vesta Digital – a fully integrated social media marketing company that specializes in helping your business succeed online.

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