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What we "think" is reflected by what we say and do. If we don't think we end up doing the wrong things. Doing the right things can mean the difference between success and failure.

Learning to "think" requires acquisition of new knowledge. New knowledge comes from hearing, seeing and experiencing things that are relevant and relative to our individual objectives. Not having objectives, both personal and professional, is a "mindless" attempt to make progress without definition.

How To Improve How to Think

Sometimes the best way to think is to stop thinking. Our brains respond to stimulus and assimilate information based on how and what we think. How and what we think is based on education, experience and both can create barriers to really thinking. Education and experience can create paradigms which filter our anything that isn't relative to our past education and experience. What we have learned in the past is not necessarily relevant to what we need to know today or in the future.

Learning to use our brain is different than using our brain. If we use our brain to put new information into the context of our past experience and education then we may miss new experiences and new knowledge. On the other hand if we learn to use our brain to gain new understanding, new knowledge and new wisdom we can use our brain to create new meaning.

Social media and all the relevant technology is new. Using social media creatively and learning to understand its implications requires us to learn how to use our collective brains. In other words one person may know and understand one thing while a crowd of people know and understand a lot more than one person.

Arrogance Breeds Social Ignorance

Arrogance is an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions. Ignorance means destitute of knowledge or education : lacking knowledge, experience or comprehension of the thing specified.

Knowledge is the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or :the fact or condition of being aware of something : the range of one's information or understanding.

Now consider how many popular people using social media think they know more than others. You can see it in their attitudes, responses, words, deeds and actions. How many self appointed "social media gurus" will respond to a readers email, phone call and other attempts to engage in social exchanges? Most social exchanges are opportunities to learn. You cannot learn anything new without some form of exchange.

Popularity doesn't necessarily reflect the right kind of knowledge. Sports and entertainment stars sometimes act as though their popularity makes them smarter than the crowd. Not true, just more popular thanks to their media. On the other hand if your media reflects knowledge people can use then you may in fact become popular with the right crowd and sometimes popularity attracts the wrong crowd.

Jesus Christ claimed to be the son of God. Our fore fathers claimed the bible was the word of God. God said he created the heavens and the earth, all knowledge and wisdom and every living thing through his spoken word. How popular was and are these claims? Remember the crowds and authorities of the day crucified Jesus Christ. Today world and local political leaders are battling over which knowledge to follow and the source of the knowledge.

Who are the right thinkers today? It depends on who you talk to and what you believe. Social media are the spoken word, some words are popular while others are not. Some words spoken are foolish while others contain wisdom. Who and what you follow reflects upon what you think.

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Comment by Kerry Dean on July 21, 2010 at 8:56pm
Today the righteousness that is Christ has come in His New Name (Rev 2:17, 3:12) and what do we do? The great majority of humankind ignore when they hear, or are KEPT IGNORANT of His Coming, by the entrenched orthodoxy of clergy, business and education.

For those who INVESTIGATE Reality for themselves and accept the righteousness that is Christ in the Glory of God, our Lord Who redeems us has returned for us, so we seek to serve our fellow humans and share the Good News. We do not DENY OUR Lord Who redeems us has returned...

Is this 'right thinking'? Well, such thinking allows us to study the Word of God for THIS Day, see how it accords with the previous Revelations, and how it BEST SERVES the needs of humankind today...

After all, this New Day began on the very day that the Electronic Age was initiated with the telegraphic message, "What hat God wrought?"

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