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10 Ways Twitter Improved My Business In 2009

Author: Igor Kheifets

What used to be a script a team of web developers used to communicate while working on team projects is now the largest micro-blogging platform and the fastest growing social network on the planet.

Throughout 2009 Twitter has grown tremendously. In March, Mashable reported that twitter has grown 1,382% year-over-year compared to 2008.

Many social media experts believe that in 2010 Twitter is going to outgrow Facebook size of which accumulates to 22% of Total Internet Audience.

In February 2009, when I first started using Twitter, I had no clue it will change the way I market online.

Twitter has dramatically improved my business during the course of 2009 and in this post I want to share 10 specific ways Twitter allowed me to run a more profitable Internet Marketing Campaign.

1. Connections

In 2009 Nokia is not the one that connects people-Twitter is. Thanks to Twitter, I met hundreds of interesting, exciting, uplifting and fun people.

Via Twitter I connected with hundreds of internet marketers, just like me, which inevitably led to a series of great connections that my business benefited from.

Twitter also made it easier for me to connect with individuals I otherwise haven't had a chance to reach. Celebrities are in love with Social Media and they try to reply to anyone who comes in contact-so the rest can see how cool they are (e.g.: Ashton Kutcher, Darren Rowse, Shaq, etc.).

2. Traffic Generation

I learned to leverage Twitter for traffic before I even understood what "SEO" meant, and it gave my blog the start up boost it needed to get off the ground. For that I thank Twitter.

Besides being a connectivity tool, Twitter is a great way to generate traffic to your blog.

Twitter is responsible for approximately 25% of all IgorHelpsYouSucceed traffic. That's a lot!

3. Information Sharing

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but Twitter should stand for "Easier then RSS and Email syndication" because it makes information sharing as easy and as viral is it gets.

Throughout 2009, Twitter has helped me to discover hundreds of great information sources as well as profitable data I could apply in my business and make more money as a result.

4. Inspiration and Motivation

Twitter is probably one of the best tools to use if you want to spread inspiration online. 140 characters are perfect to fit in a quote or a call to action.

I can recall dozens of times when I was discouraged by a set back and Twitter cheered me up with an insight or a quote that one of my followers shared.

Since then, I regularly tweet quotes because I know that there's someone out there who's waiting for a flash of inspiration to turn things around once again.

5. Reach Increase

If you're using Twitter to market-you can say that you have an unfair advantage over anyone who does not.

Having a Twitter account is like having really long arms that you can reach further than most people can with.

Twitter opens many doors that you couldn't have opened otherwise or that would have cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

I know that I am being general here, but that's only because I don't want to give away the ace up my sleeve :).

6. Writing Skills

Another important way Twitter improved my business is the fact that as a result of sending out 140 characters tweets, I became a better writer.

Prior to Twitter, there wasn't any social network that would limit you in your status updates. Twitter completely changed the rules of the social game when it introduced the 140 character limit and the micro-blogging concept.

As a result I had to adapt a new writing style where I had to express the same feeling, idea or thought with less words.

It wasn't easy at first. For a while I had to re-write my tweets dozens of times for them to convey the right message. However, within couple of weeks I mastered the skill of Twitter-Writing and as a result, now I can squeeze the same amount of information in 140 characters that I can in a paragraph of text.

Twitter's limitation allowed forced me to cut the needless babble away from my writing and as a result my writing is a lot sharper then it used to be a year ago.

7. Authority

Authority is the number one factor in business and marketing that determines whether people will do what you tell them to do (e.g.: buy from you).

Since Twitter is completely open source-everyone can see your activity. By leveraging Twitter in specific ways, it is possible to generate instant affection, authority, sympathy and a whole spectrum of emotions to influence people.

People who joined Twitter immediately get the idea who is the "popular kid" simply by looking at the followers/following counter in people's profiles.

I leveraged this fact to manufacture a higher social status to my followers which increased optins and sales.

I have also used Twitter to gather testimonials for my Mindset Course which resulted in 2.5% sales increase and 25% visitor to subscriber ratio.

8. Link Building and SEO

Did you know that every tweet you send out generates a separate page on Twitter?

It means that if you include a link in your Tweet, you have a backlink pointing back to your site which is crawled by the search engines immediately.

Although the link is a NoFollow, it's still a valuable asset, because it's a LINK!

Google loves Twitter as much as it does EzineArticles, YouTube, Digg and the rest of the "social networking mafia family", therefore a dozen of backlinks from Twitter (a day) is a valuable asset to your SEO campaign.

Many SEO experts probably won't support this statement, but you never know for sure. In 2009 social media was given a huge SEO authority by Google, Yahoo and Bing. That is why I believe that building links of Twitter is as important as submitting articles to EzineArticles and uploading videos to YouTube.

9. Social Media

Before Twitter came along, I used to hand out only on Facebook and a little bit on YouTube.

What Twitter did for my Social Media Marketing Campaign in 2009 is definitely worth mentioning in this post, because via Twitter I managed to drastically increase my social media activity on Digg, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Facebook, Mixx and Reddit.

I used Twitter to create my own Social Media Marketing circle. By connecting every social networking site I am on with Twitter, I increased my "seen activity", authority, publicity and productivity.

10. Content Creation

You know what they say-content is King. It's probably only a Prince, because Marketing is important too.

However search engines love fresh content which is probably the reason I try to update this blog every day or at least once in 2-3 days if I am busy working on a new project.

Twitter is the topic of 22 out of 170 posts I've written for IgorHelpsYouSucceed. And there are also 48 posts devoted to social media marketing, which means that Twitter is mentioned in at least 68 articles on this blog alone. Twitter is responsible for 40% of content on this blog which means it's the main SEO traffic generation resource I have.

Another interesting fact is that Twitter related posts tend to get most responses from my readers, which means that I should write more about Twitter than anything else.

About the Author:
Just as I used Twitter to improve my business in 2009, you can too. I am not a rocket scientist or a web genius: I barely know how to use html codes to align my pictures to the left... To find out how to use Twitter to generate traffic, I have prepared a special guide for you here.

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