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All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing....(Edmund Burke)

Bad accident at Costco’s: current updates.

The current position on this case; 19 February 2011
I have asked my MP Andy Love for help several months ago he has not even bothered to answer my e-mail I went to his surgery and spoke to his secretary and have returned every fortnight and have been fogged off every time I go with excuses like they have not had any reply yet from Costco's. But this matter should be dealt with accordingly by the human rights act. a company had breach the health and safety regulations and injured a woman fractured three vertebrae causing a mild brain injury and lost her job her husband had to close down his business to take care of her.

The system in return decided that she did not have the mental capacity to decide whether the amount offered was sufficient, did not want any of her family to have a say in the matter, brought a court appointed solicitor to take over the matter and decided to except the offer and demanded that the injured party had to obtain a psychiatrist report in addition, to obtain a penny that was due to her, after they have decided what she deserved. At this stage the case has ended she is now on trial to produce a report on her present mental capacity, because we believe that we the claimant is not on trial and since the case is over and has all the reports from no less than five consultants not including the NHS. Why on earth does our society have to put an injured party true such punishment when they are totally innocent, and the defendant has accepted liability within the first month of the accident? If we cannot get justice from a clear and cut case like this how on earth are we ever going to sue insurance companies corrupted solicitors that require a lot of legal proof.

My brethren and I are in full agreement with your sentiments. Second only to Israel England has the most corrupt legal system in the First World.

Bad Accident at Costco's
 Plight for justice I am here to communicate and try to make people aware of our legal system here in the United Kingdom, since my plight for justice I became aware of the immense amount of people like my self seeking ways of trying to communicate with people trying to make them aware of the corruption within our legal system. We generally find out in the midst of disaster and had to succumb the additional hardship due to our ignorance in believing that we can trust our Solicitors' and the authorities. (1) MARY BERRY (2) COLIN BERRY v COSTCO UK

Susan Rodway Q.C. (Mary's Q.C. appointed by Andrew Morgan (APIL member) of Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, Mary's solicitor.)

Before his Honour Judge Bailey.
It is ordered that:
(1) The official Solicitor "May Maughan" be appointed as the litigation friend. Claim Number 6ED03566 ("There is no Human Rights in the UK" )

Before His Honour Judge David Mitchell.

WARNING do not use Royds solicitors


My Gather: deaf


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At 10:05am on June 13, 2011, Vic Hutchinson said…
At 10:33pm on February 22, 2011, Chad Lance said…
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Chad & Eric
At 7:51pm on January 18, 2011, James E. Stotts gave colinberry1 a gift
At 3:15am on November 20, 2010, colinberry1 said…
It surprises me how little we know about our legal system. 99% of people would recommend me to know wind no fee Solicitors’ but to understand how the devil collaborates you have to probe into their rule books not that they abide by them but it serves a purpose when it is in their favour, the Limitation of what the Law Society would do for you, which amounts to very little and the Civil Procedure Rules referred to as CPR
Solicitors’; are not like your Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Media, these groups are willing to go on rogue builders and chop each other up into bits.
Solicitors belong to a club called the Law Society, the first rule that a solicitor abides by is to get there mouth stapled together and this is how the infrastructure works. If we can call your plumber a solicitor he can break every rule in the book and get away with it. The Law’s rulebook says you have to pay him and then take him to court and proof that he has broken the CPR rules that is if you have sacked him before you can move on to another solicitor, if your second solicitor decides to break every Rule in the book and you no longer can afford to “dismissed” him, by the way they don’t use those words for Solicitors’ you have to remove him off the record. But if it is an insurance claim the insurance company will pay him whether you agree to it or not. You will soon grow up to realize this two organization are buddies and the same animal just like a chameleon. Loss Assessors after creating too many enemies go on to work for law firms.
At 2:44pm on June 15, 2010, Tord Sand said…
Hi there, hope to connect here and on

Wish you the best of days!
-Tord c",)

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