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Necole Brown
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Let me just run a little scenario by you. Let’s say you’re in a network marketing company that sells health products. Shakes, pills, juice, whatever. And let’s say you attend my webinar this Thursday and you watch, in amazement, as it's explained exactly how this “loophole” works in about 10 minutes or so.

After which you exclaim...

“HOLY JUMPING JELLY BEANS BATMAN!!! This is the simplest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! I can’t believe I never thought of this myself! Is this even legal? (answer: yes). Is this okay with eBay? (answer: yes). Why didn’t they teach me this in college? You mean to tell me I can make hundreds of dollars a day on eBay without even having access to wholesale products from China, without ever even touching a single product, paying for inventory or shipping anything?”

To which I respond, “Yes.”

You then proceed to begin listing dozens, and then hundreds of items on eBay without ever paying a single cent for these products or even touching them. And you begin selling these products, leveraging eBay’s massive source of free traffic, pocketing $20... $50... $100... $200... $300... a day, again without shipping or paying for a single product.

And let’s say that the products you choose to sell are health and fitness type products. Like maybe jump ropes, weight sets, running shoes, diet books, DVDs, treadmills, stairmasters, gym clothes, etc, etc, etc. You get these items using the single largest source of products on the entire planet (which will be shared with you in this webinar).

No wholesale license required...

And let’s say you’ve got a couple hundred listings and you sell 2-3 products a day. Do you think some of those people who bought a weight set or a pair of running shoes might be interested in more information about health products (i.e. – YOUR health products)?

Do you think you could maybe get them on your email list where you continue to market to them? Do you think you could maybe send each one of them a postcard after their purchase, thanking them and offering them a discount on another product?

Do you think you could maybe put a link on all your product listings that takes people to your blog/website where they find more information about your health related business? (the answer is yes, eBay allows you to do this)

Do you think you would enjoy getting paid hundreds of dollars in profit a day to sell stuff on eBay and then come up with creative ways to further monetize all that free traffic?

Do you think you should maybe register for my webinar and come join me on Thursday?

I want you to do something real quick. Go click on this link, it’s a listing for a couch on eBay (this is just a random listing, I have no connection to this seller):


Now scroll to the bottom. See the section that says ‘Questions and answers about this item.’ Right below that is a green hit counter, it shows the number of people who have viewed this listing.

It’s kinda funny, this guy’s gonna get thousands of views on his listing all of a sudden and he’ll have no idea where they came from.

Okay, now do the same thing for this listing:


Okay, now do you know how to view all of a seller’s items on eBay? Just scroll up to the top and click on their username, then you’ll see a button to view all their listings.

Click on some of them. How many views do you see?

659... 4,920... 13,840... 498...

Most people just see hits on eBay.

You know what I see?

FREE Traffic.


Do you realize how much it would cost to get 18,057 people to view a page if you were buying that traffic on Google or Facebook?

Let’s just be conservative and say $.50 a click.

18,057 clicks (views) x $.50 = $9,028.50


You know how much those 18,000 views cost that eBay seller?


In fact, he’s getting PAID to get all that traffic when his items sell.

At the time I wrote this it looked like the seller had 333 listings. Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s less by the time you see this. I haven’t looked at all the listings, but let’s just say his average listing gets 2,500 views.

333 listings x 2,500 views = 832,500 views

832,500 clicks x $.50 = $416,250

You think you could do something with $416,250 worth of free traffic?

If you’re a smart marketer I bet you could.

If you want to learn what it is, come join me this Thursday at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern:

What if I told you that you could pocket an extra $100-300 a day on the side using eBay for doing almost nothing (and you never have to ship or even touch a single product)?

And, what if I told you that you could also generate free leads and distributors for your primary business while you’re doing it?

Would that be of any interest to you?

This is honestly the most stupid simple way to make money online I’ve ever seen and it’s just too good not to share with you.

(This is an eBay approved method by the way, so it’s not “blackhat” in case you're wondering. It’s just so ridiculous that no one thinks of it until someone shows them.)


Be there or be square!

Necole Brown


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At 10:18am on May 11, 2014, Necole Brown said…

You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is To Make Money Online Without Being A Guru Or An Expert In Anything! These People Didn’t Want To Sell Info Products Or Be Online Gurus. Has Anyone Ever Told You How Easy It Is To Make Money Online Without Being A Guru And Without Even Having Any Traffic? It’s true. And it’s okay to not want to be a guru. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You won’t believe how simple it is to build a real business with real products online...

If you wanted to, you could go take this method of selling Amazon items on eBay and start making a six figure income with it right now. Nothing else required. It’s that ridiculously simple. A kindergartener quite literally could figure this out on their own.


If you would like to be part of a community of people who are all doing this together, where you can ask questions anytime you want 24/7 and get help, where you can hear others success stories, and where you get constant ongoing training… Then I’d like to invite you to join DS Domination with us.

Necole Brown
Facebook/SKYPE - Elocen11
At 9:25pm on April 28, 2014, Necole Brown said…

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