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GregLightning's Page

Hi My name is Greg
My lovely wife Miki and I live in sunny Florida with our little fatboy Shih Tzu.
Prior to being into network marketing today my life has taken quite a journey. In the early 70s my family came to America from Germany when I was 12 years old .I adapted quickly to American ways but still had my European roots. My father was in business after WW2 that took him back an forth to the US He finally decided to stay in the states after the company he worked for made him an offer to work for them in the states and stay here. He brought the whole family and moved to Indiana not far from Indianapolis Speedway
My father was making good money an loved motor-sports of all kinds and raced motorcycles in the mid forties in what they called hare and hound chases in the states here .He was a top rider and very good friends with the Harley and Indian factory riders which helped him quite a bit. I was 14 when he bought me my first motocross bike an soon I was ready to race officially at a local track .I took to it like a duck to water an did well for a couple years but it is a rough sport an we decided to move on to Karts eventually . We bought a used shifter Kart which for those of you who are not familiar with them ,They are racing karts with 125cc or 250cc motorcycle engines with 5-6 gears you could shift ,hence the name. These were mainly run on road courses and was quite a learning curve for us. It took us a year to really get a handle on it with a lot of help from fellow racers. .I was offered a spot on a factory team in Europe after placing several strong finishes against the pro guys and readily jumped on it for the next 2 years. These guys were extremely good but I finished 6th over all my first year and 3rd my second year. Not too bad for a rookie against the old pros. They let me go after my second year an we parted on good terms as I was tired of all the traveling required
We moved on to the dirt track karts after that as it was becoming very popular at the time in the states .I struggled the first year till about halfway through the season and started winning,I won 5 championships in the next 8 years and was 2nd the other 3 years at 3 different tracks .Dad had a friend who had a sprint car an they decided to let me try it out for a few races. It was quite a handful as I was not used to the weight or the power. I ran half a season for them finishing in the top 5 a few times but I never really was passionate about the car as it was very temperamental.
As Dad got older his years of poor diet and no exercise slowly caught up with him as he developed diabetes ,had a stroke which left him in bad shape . He became depressed as we had to pretty much quit racing all together and I became the pillar of the family as I helped support the family with my job at the time .My older sister was married,self involved and rarely showed up to help me out as was the case of my younger brother .He was never much interested in the family sport of racing so he decided if we weren't rich enough to let him not work that he was going to go conquer the world . I shook my head in disgust knowing he had not a clue of what he was going to face out there alone in the world. He disappeared one day and mom was heartbroken for some time after that .He was gone for several months and every once in a while someone would call telling me how we were a horrible family kicking him out like we did. I told them the real story but they were not convinced .I guess he had learned how to prey on people to get them to feel sorry for him and give him food ,shelter and money .This went on for some 11 years. In the mean time dads health was really deteriorating at a fast rate until he finally had a fatal heart attack in 94. My stress was already bad an this kicked it up a couple notches .Now it was just mom an I to handle our world. Dad had cashed in his life insurance prior to his passing and we didn't know until he was gone. We barely had enough to give him a proper ceremony. I went back to my job driving trucks and mom was working at a hotel reservation position and we were doing ok for the time being .We were holding our own but not able to put any money away due to mom's spending habits unbeknown to me as I was busy on the road making a living and thought she had a handle on it. Not so
In late 2007 mom's driving was getting scary as she was getting older an kept having minor fender benders all too often. She came home and was in the process of getting out of her minivan and did not get it all the way into park the van slipped into reverse ,the drivers door knocked her down and the left front tire ran over her hand . Why is was still running and she got out I will never figure out. I guess her mind was slipping then. I had left for an hour an I come back to all this .The whole next year was me working ,dealing with her in an out of the hospital as they found clots in her lungs an gave her some dangerous blood thinners
I was awoken by a thud and found her on the floor with broken hip at 3am one morning . She had passed out from the combination of drugs on her way to the bathroom This lead to more lengthy hospital to home care where my wife an I were full time servants to all her needs. I finally lost my job as they grew tired of my time off for mom so there went that income and that really hurt plus mom's vacation time was used up. I scrambled doing odd jobs here an there but I was losing ground to the mortgage ,bills and my sanity .I finally came upon a great business through my prayers that has really improved my life in so many ways I cannot even tell you. The lord was truly showing me the way. .The lord already knew I was destined to head for greatness with my new family of caring friends. This a moment in time I will never forget as I have come to understand where I belong now. I knew it was the perfect plan for me one that would stand the test of time without the hype and junk spread on the net. A plan so powerful the holy spirit guided me to a great destination. I have learned a lot and I feel the Lord wanted me to learn much prior to my new found future success which is coming today and is only in the first chapter. My vision has enabled me to see much that normally the masses likely never will see unless they start sowing their seeds in the right kingdom which is gods kingdom and only then will they truly be blessed and will bring true longevity. I teach a lot of people to avoid the many pitfalls I've faced ,Plus a lot of marketing knowledge and how to truly find the golden opportunity that is often missed by the masses. If your going to invest your time and money your going to need somebody to guide you down the right path instead of deceiving you ,taking your money and forgetting about you.

Take care all my friends and blessing to all of you
Greg Lightning
Attraction Marketing Coach & Consultant
SKYPE: Lightning9669
Welcome Members to My Page an thanks for stopping by .
I Only Select Proven Ad Sources As Well As Side Offers That Do Pay So Feel Confident In Using Any of these .Most Are Free and Produce Well .
I have a new (US Only) gifting site on my page @ that is really helping a lot of needy people.
Now I'm not one to promote Matrix deals as most usually fall apart after a short time for lack of participation.. so with that said this was recommended by Trey who owns "Now is the Day" A great program that is growing all the time for me. I normally blow these off as usual losers but I give Trey the benefit of a doubt and put in my $12 coop ad/membership thats covers you for 6 months($2 a month) and in just a few days I am up to $32.50. No its not big money yet but it can add to your bottom line. They do all the promoting. If you want and you can certainly add to your money by promoting it but its not required. They also pay you automatically to your alertpay acct as soon as you have $20 or more built up. They also do all the placing so their are no dead areas among members. Its a great concept for veterans or rookies alike. Its hard to go wrong with it.
Its fresh now and may grow to to mammoth proportions or it may die.
You either get a Facebook or a Yuwie Ya never know with these things but I think its worth a shot for $12. Check it out

Miki has become an AVON Rep for only $10 so if any of you are interested in the New Improved product lines including clothes,shoes and mens stuff. Avon has come along way . I was amazed. If you think you might want to sell Avon Please stop by.Click the banner and give it a look. Many reps are earning 5 and 6 figures in 3-5 years. Yeah its long term but considering how many years you may have left on earth its worth the trouble. Anything good will take a fair amount of time build. Avon's been building since 1886.Last year they sold over 3 billion in 100 countries. Think about it
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This is a True Winner in my book..Its $17 a month that is the fastest paying offer I have in my stable. No recruiting necessary but if you bring in even a few you can double your money month after month.
Highly recommended for the inexperienced marketer as its pretty much hands off autopilot making money while you do other things important to you

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Its a great place to be
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This is a cool little deal where you gain credits to use to show up to two links for free.I get good responses from it an it takes only a few minutes a day to update . They wont overload you as the send a few a day which I like . This a great way to get free advertising



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At 8:14pm on February 22, 2011, Chad Lance said…
It is awesome to meet you. I have put together a quick video I want you to check out at Making Money Online
Is easy the hard part is finding people who know how to do it. If you are frustrated and not making any money which is most people online then please
check out and review my special message.

Chad & Eric
At 5:45am on July 2, 2010, Jay Deragon said…
Thanks for the comment and connection Greg
At 4:00pm on January 14, 2010, Patricia Hadalksi said…
Thanks! I'll take a look.

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