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I had to read Twitterville and Twitter for Dummies before I 'got it' for marketing and figuring out a way to use in in my business.

I understand that Twitter is one of the most awesome tools for recruiters ever invented; but most folks are scared of it, not sure what to do with it, and don't know how to start.

Is there a step-by-step PowerPoint or Word document out there, with screen shots, that allows first time users the comfort zone for getting on board and what it does or could do for businesses?

If you have URL's, links, or have PowerPoint or Word documents on your website or in a blog, please post the direct link so I (or others) can directly pull it.  Thanks in advance!

Dawn Boyer
Va. Beach, VA

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Hello Dawn,

There are a number of fantastic resources available that offer a simple step-by-step guide for using twitter for business. I would recommend doing a goole search with those exact key words. I know eZine articles and both have great step-by-step guides. I would visit those.


Hector V. Herera
Social Media Moguls
Here's a link to a guy who presented on this topic and has put it on slideshare.

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