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Who do you think benefits the most on social sites - buyers, or sellers, or does jibbety-jabber rule?


Do you think people on social sites like to more hear themselves talk (much-to-do-about-nothing) than taking the time to read a good book, or interact in the real world?


Can anyone's business survive on internet sales alone?



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That's a lot of questions! Its hard to say who benefits the most. Its either a lose lose or a win win I suppose. yes I so think people on social sites like to hear themselves talk. NO, I don't think a business can survive on the internet alone. You must do off line marketing also. It somewhat depends on what your business is. For instance if it would be benefical more to the elderly, then you shouldn't solely depend on the internet because most of those people do not have internet. Same as for low income people. Most of them do have computers and internet and most of them don't. Off line marketing is very important.
Yes Laquita, all business/marketing models should reach out across the board. We should never put all of our efforts in one place. However, most small companies have little or no budgets to go the conventional way leaving them with what they can do online.

Now imagine a place where search engines took a search to one more step, categorizing by a specific targeted topic. One example would be if someone types in a search word for books they would have to be more specific like for example purposes typing in fantasy books, or fantasy books adventure, or fantasy books animation, or all of those IF applicable, and with any other specific key words that would narrow down their search. A brief 150 character description would be included. They would then click on what they’re most interested in and will come to the page with more confined selections, hopefully with no more than ten pages to search. Currently the search is too convoluted with more focus on positioning than of a more organized and targeted search result.

Or, if you were to type in just fantasy, the page that comes up could only provide TABS over the entire page to click on that would enable people to click on one or more of what their interested in and then click GO, and it will take them to the page that provides everything they are looking for.

Consumers do today. Businesses will tomorrow. If you want a detailed explanation of why, clicking on my sig will take you to my wordpress blog where I explain it almost as well as Gary Vaynerchuk does.

Revolution, why didn't you just provide you Blog URL? I can find NO blog on your page and I just spent more time than I have searching for it. Why wouldn’t you make the value of what you have to say easier to find?
Sorry, Mark. Clicking on my graphic signature gets you there, but it's at


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