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I wish to know which Social Network pays for your participation?

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as to what pays u, there is a site called Yuwie. I heard of ppl getting a few dollars there, but I never saw any of it while on that site. There is a game: dungeons and treasures. It pays u if u play regular. It converts gold to money, takes a long time to make anything though, but u can really make some money there. I have heard that twitter may pay its users. youtube pays u by how many ppl view your video. I have heard of ppl getting rich from youtube.
Thanks firmergoblin12
I don't which social network pays, as I do not think that social and viral network are synonymous when you look at the infrastructure that supports the environment, but I know a viral network that pays very well, if you have what it takes. But that is only my opinion.
Thanks Mark. looking to promote, is very well run
I am hosting a webinar in the coming weeks for a viral network that pays very good residual, should anyone in this forum have an interest.

The invitations are currently going only to people I know - or who have reached out to me as friends of those personal contacts. If someone on this distribution, would like to be considered, please reply back here and we can determine the best way to add you to my distribution.
My website coming in August pays you. Check out the splash page for now,
Why People String of course does. Go here for more information:
Youtube pays you from the ads revenue but only if they have accepted you to their partners programme. And for that you need to have enough subscribers and views of your videos.

Feel free to follow me on the following nets that pays:  also   happy earnings and learnings! See you!

here is a social site that pays you, i just joined yesterday, still exploring, but it has great features, and great potential.

This social network pays me


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