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Facebook, Linked-In, My Space, another .

I know it depends on the industry, the market etc hence the across the board definition, taking all businesses into account, has anyone any finite figures or evidence to say that one of the platforms is best for business?

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Hallo, i have a question, did you also get money from there ? If its written it ist not always done.
Thank you for the answer.

Hav a nice day.

verena Thomas
I find Social Media Networking on the following sites to be beneficial:

Ecademy Business Network
(Viral Social network) - Very new on this site but starting to enjoy it!

However I have found that some connections when linking with you or accepting your request to connect, never respond back with a short message. I do find this very unfriendly and I believe when Social networking we are trying to open our networks by sharing and also recommending our networks. If we don't get any response from our so called network requests then how can we help each other. In my experience it is about 50 % of my networkers that do not respond either way. Why accept or request to be accepted and then not respond?

I always make sure I send out a little message when connecting and when I get accepted I respond shortly after. The same is for when someone requests to link with you as well to be polite and respond through a little message.

I do hope more networkers will start taking that approach.

Great to network on Viral networkers as well.

Thank you
Sharron Sweetnam - Global Sales & Marketing Director
FC Advance Solutions
Internet Marketing and SEO
In Brazil, the new trend is use twitter to help businesses. This site for example Uol Host where you can create an e-commerce, they already offer the option of creating a twitter too. So you have a twitter linked directly to your e-commerce.
I Tweet daily. Yet my favorite is YouTube...
We started using linkedin for our business in October 09 and has proven a great source for business networking. In addition you can join and get accepted by groups for your targeted area. We have joined 18 groups that are pertinent to the business and tracking stats based upon connections within 6-9 months.

I have stepped up my presence on LinkedIn and Twitter for business networking and have also found it to be worthwhile. Making new connections and connecting with people you have dealt with before and now have an easy portal to re-connect and work on that relationship.
I think it depends on who you're looking to help. If I needed a certain employee...LinkedIn.
If I can help a certain College kid...Twitter.
But...for's Facebook. I have great success with the "Per Click" advertisng.
Maybe that's the answer for you too. Make an Ad. Target different groups within Favebook. Watch performance.
Anyhow...depends on who you're trying to help. to explore Ning.
See ya.
Dan Z.

We tend to become engrossed with all the "online toys" punted by thousands of people hoping to make money online.

What are some of these "online toys"? A couple of examples are Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Viral Networkers, Ecademy, etc.

Just like electronic game addiction many people are becoming addicted to these "online toys", it seems that they are filling an emotional and/or psychological void for the addicts.


In this article I have included not all the questions; however some thought provoking questions you and only you can answer.

Is it not time for you to perhaps to take stock of your business, situation and online activities?

What business are you really in? It is very likely that you are in an off-line business in the tangible world but you are utilizing too much time playing with intangible toys online.

Should you not start thinking of ways that your website and online activities can directly enhance the smooth running and success of your tangible off-line business?

If you are trying to generate leads for your product or service take a look at your website and ask yourself - "Does my website call the website visitor in to action by completing and online form?"

Would I myself complete the online lead generation form if I was the website visitor?



If you are a real estate agent your main business function is to sell real estate, however over time you have researched, studied and learnt some search engine optimization and internet marketing skills and/or you have some ability in building and managing a website and/or blogs.

Now it is very likely that you are spending about 50% of your valuable time in trying to get your website to ranking in Google and other search engines.

The other 40% of your time you are spending on social networks "Tweeting" your heart out on Twitter and getting hooked on Facebook all in the hope of getting clients.

It is very possible that you are currently only dedicating about 10% of your time on your actual business.

Have you not lost your focus?

Should you not rather be focusing on getting property listings and selling properties?

Maybe you should change your business and go fulltime into the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Industry, just a thought, what do you think?

If you had to hand your internet activities to a professional company and pay them to do this for you, would you not have 100% of your time available to make money selling real estate?


Published by Freddie Cerva and Sharron Sweetnam

FC Advance Solutions Ltd.

March 13th, 2010
linkedin .... but twitter is coming up on the rails fast started 7th March... self follow group.
and others

I'm easy to spot on Linkedin


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