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Facebook, Linked-In, My Space, another .

I know it depends on the industry, the market etc hence the across the board definition, taking all businesses into account, has anyone any finite figures or evidence to say that one of the platforms is best for business?

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Linkedin is for B2B and JVs.

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Muhammad Siddique
Social Media Marketer
Phone: 770-456-5929
I agree with Muhammad. Ning is also good for finding specific Social Networks that center around your area of interest.
LinkedIn has generated business both for me and my clients. I find it to be a highly valuable resource for identifying business partners. The other networks (including some you haven't mentioned, but are supposed to be for business) aren't so clear for sales/partner prospecting.

You get paid for the same ACTIVITY as you do on FB.

Even free members makes $50 - $200 per month to surf around the portal, make friends, upload pics, videos etc. etc.

$180,000 has been paid in commission over the last 4 month incl. commission to upgraded members.

Eric Mortensen
I deal with non-profit causes. For me, it definitely has to be Facebook. My customers and their supporters tend to come from an older age demographic and do not do the others. Most are not on Twitter, though they know what it is and few are on Linkedin or Myspace. Frankly, they are only on Facebook to look at pictures of the grandkids and stay in touch with their kids. My wife is a good example. She follows her daughter's Facebook comments and occasionally replies, when things go maybe a little too far. I doubt if she even looks at mine. We are, of course, boomers.

Anyway, many of my customers are about the same. I end up having to explain to them that that this new social media stuff is the equivalent of what happened, way back, when television came along, and that the online world is inexorably blending with television. It has all happened much faster than it did when television took over from radio--and it will not really so much take over as become an important part of. Pretty soon, most of us will have one cable coming in and television, web, radio and telephone will lose some of their barriers.

When I started working in this area, years back, they called it "Interactivity". I started working with online communities back before Windows. The only thing slowing down a incredibly swift transition to a new world is, really, people of my generation who are in positions of authority and do not understand the emerging new world. When they finally see that this is where the money is, maybe they will.

Before that happens Marc, I hope that a means will be found to eliminate malicious viruses. Just imagine watching your favorite television show when suddenly it goes dark or becomes corrupted and unwatchable.
LinkedIn, XING, Ecademy, Facebook

I'm currently separating the usage by purpose in order to cover intention, geography, and target audience.

I would be pleased to get recommendations how to increase my pipeline of email addresses for B2C activities which I'm going to start soon.

Thanks and regards,
My answer to your question would be a combination of websites: Onlywire, FriendFeed and
Facebook is where I find people targeted for my offers. Linked in is a place for deals and jobs.
I use and recommend LinkedIn-twitter and Facebook to my clients, all is working very smotly.
Dont forget to do a good blog also, to get high scored on Google.

Tord G. Sand
Michael in my opinion there's no one single platform that is best for business. As you've stated it depends on many variables (industry, market, niche etc.). Anyway, I found that Facebook and NING has worked wonders for my business objectives. I'm just starting out on LinkedIn therefore, it's to early for me to comment.


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