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As the founder of an educational website,, I have created an online resource center to help families and Funeral Directors to work through the difficult task of losing a loved one...and also educating people on the importance of pre-planning your end-of-life plans for your loved one's sake.  Unfortunately, I recently lost a close loved one, so I can understand the difficulty and what most people are searching for.


So here's my two questions. I love to write, so between my blogs and our website pages, I have hundreds of educational articles and information I've created over several years.


I've also put dozens of 2 to 3 minute educational videos on many of our website pages to help offer some key suggestions on various topics.  I also have a video from my recent interview by FOX News, which you can see here:




1.  Where are the best places, other than Ezine, to place articles where they can help educate many people, ultimately driving the best traffic and backlinks to our site?


2.  Where are the best places to place our videos?  Also, when you place a video somewhere, are there ways to have it redirect people to our site...or create backlinks?


Many thanks!!  Chris Hill, Founder

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Hello Chris,

My congratulations to you on putting together such a comprehensive collection of resources on such an important topic. I think that in order to gain the maximum reach for your content you should also look at developing a comprehensive Social Media Strategy. Good Luck with your business. Here are my responses to your questions...

1. I use eZine which as you likely already know, is the largest repository of syndicaed articles, as well as a few others. Additional article distribution sites I use include,,, and I've had great results from Go Articles. The submission process is dead easy and the pages get quickly indexed by the search engines.

2. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media (Get my Drift?). This is where you can drive some great traffic to your site. Use the videos you have across all Social Media Platforms. I would recommend you upload videos to YouTube and create your own bespoke channel on YouTube. There are also loads of other great video sharing sites like Vmeo, and Hulu. I also want to tell you about TubeMogul, which is a great service for distributing your videos across multiple social media networks from one place rather than having to go to each site individually.

Good Luck with your Project.

Hector V. Herrera
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Ultimately after you post to EZine and have backlinks to your website, any social media site will work as your articles might also point to your landing pages, your YouTube videos will also help, posting in related forums elsewhere will also help.

1. Read above
2. Yes your videos can have backlinks, this is easily done.

Please remember anything you write will have a backlink if you post the URL, plus you can always post videos in your site.

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All of the above. I also use Merchant Circle which I like a great deal. There are many tools there to grow your business. YouTube, in my opinion, is by far the best place for posting videos.

Have an amazing day!

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You can use Squidoo, Associated Content and eHow. All are free to join and great place to get yourself out there.
You just can't beat YouTube for video exposure. When creating your videos, include your URL as a watermark. That way, it's visible throughout the entire video. In your market, I would also consider contacting organizations that help families who are imminently going to lose someone (such as hospice organizations, long-term care facilities, etc.). Provide them with your articles and offer to supply them with videos on CD/DVD if they want them. The same tactic would apply to pay-per-click advertising. Use Google Adwords to create a PPC campaign targeting keywords relevant to terminal illnesses. Be sure to utilize their YouTube video PPC advertising, too. That way, you can target people who are trying to deal with the upcoming loss of a loved one. When they're online researching the illness, they will come across your ad.

Best of luck to you!

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