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When you are looking for a particular service, do you use social networks, google or directories?

A recent post made me think of rearranging the question slightly. I have google analytics and it appears a lot of people find me through google, but are the directories just useful because they are included in google pages, or do people actually use them to find services? If so what ones do you use and generally what kind of services are you looking for?

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Mostly I use Google because when looking for info it refers to the places to go, while MSN used to run you around to sites that where just selling first then you would get to what you wanted. When looking for a particular professional service I use places like this plus Linkedin.
I would say social networks to get the referrals and google to vet them.
Kathy Catoe
KTO Group, LLC
Widpedia has a great comprehensive list for the way google buzz looks awesome!!

I do website optimization and composing for a living:

Have a great evening.
I will talk to my friends, I use LinkedIn and I use Google
I use Google and its content network which is made up of 100's of websites like CNN, Redbook, Ask, About, popular Mechanics, Foodnetwork etc..... The relevancy factor is great and I dont waste time finding what i want to research.
I'm still stuck with a 10-year old habit of searching on Even though Google has seized the lion's share of searching functionality, it remains my second choice. I haven't made many searches or purchases through Facebook or Twitter, although blogs (usually found through Twitter) will give me valuable insight on certain products, trends and services.
Thanks everyone for sharing on here - I think this exchange of information is very useful. It shows us where to invest our money and time.

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