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When you are looking for a particular service, do you use social networks, google or directories?

A recent post made me think of rearranging the question slightly. I have google analytics and it appears a lot of people find me through google, but are the directories just useful because they are included in google pages, or do people actually use them to find services? If so what ones do you use and generally what kind of services are you looking for?

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I start with doing a search on LinkedIn first. If I can find someone that I have at least a second degree connection with, then I will go with them. Then after I use there service I let them know that I am a customer and introduce them to my service.

If I can not find it on a LinkedIn search, then I send out a tweet that I am looking for service xyz. The tweet goes out to all my followers and connections on all of the networks that I am involved with. If this fails, than I go to google.

I am ahead of the trend, but I think this will be the norm in 1-3 years. Google and Bing are already in the process of changing their search engines to include social media. Google will buy Twitter and LinkedIn so that they will be blended with your search results.

I have not used a directory since 2005. I used the yahoo directory.
I use them all. When I find the comany(ies) that interest me, I go do my research on their professionalism, customer service, and their licenses. Once I have all my information, I make a decision on whom I'm going with.
Igen. Yes
Great question! I think most of us, like me, are just trying to find our audience if we have one ;-) I mean , how can anyone not want to watch these one-minute videos
Actually, most of the time I ask friends first. If they're on my network, then I will use that. Most of the services I've been seeking have to do with our home remodel (our master bath turned out fabulous in a large part because of friend's referrals to really good companies and individual contractors). When I'm looking for jewelry supplies, I shop the internet but depend on referrals for good sources. I also use free internet newsletters (reader's galleries) when I need an infusion of creativity. And yes, I will post questions there when I'm looking for something in particular that I can't find through my tried and true suppliers.
Everyone these days use either google or social networks or a combination of both. Directories though they exist are passé. I personally am more inclined towards google.
First and foremost I use my offline networks, then customers (they are online via my directory

If I didn't know anybody at that stage I would probably tweet and/or Google for it and see which comes back for, and/or the best results.

I think Social Media and trusted networks are the future.
That is a really good question and I would love to know the answer.
I use google.

Mr. Keith Peterson
I use Google.
Sometimes i would use directories for more specific titles.
I start with my social networks and if I'm unable to locate anyone I'll go and use Google.
I google- then I might use twitter if I can't locate what I need.


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