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Is it facebook, twitter, linked-In?  What network reigns supreme and why?

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I benefit the most from Linkedin and ecademy, you don't get stupid pictures posted on them.
I have been using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for the past 2-years and I can't say which is best because they all serve different purposes for me.

I do a lot of "listening" using Google Reader and Google Alerts on Twitter. Google Alerts is a great way of monitoring blog posts, I find this incredibly helpful.

I would say that Facebook right now is probably in 3rd place only because I only recently added my company's Fan Page and we don't have a lot of "Likes" yet. Any feedback on AVAD Technologies Business VoIP Fan Page would be greatly appreciated.
I have been having great success with Direct Matches. This site offers more than you can imagine from classified ads to getting your site out on the major search engines on a regular basis. There are so many different ways to get your opportunity out there on this site that it is almost overwhelming. You can post meetings and events that you are having create multiple profiles and the best part is that its FREE to join. This site compliments any opportunity that you are promoting and I highly recommend it. I have enclosed a link below for your convenience.

To Your Success

I like Linked in as it is linked with my other favorite Twitter and the tools are incredible.
Twitter seems to work best for me personally as well as for the company I represent.
I'm there @OldMrBill and our company is there @me2everyoneplc.

That could all change in the coming months as our newly updated business and social network expands.
I see the day when other social media marketing networks will be following the example being set at me2everyone. There is still much work to be done before it's perfect, but because it is member-owned and member-built, the eventual product will reflect the needs of the many while remaining flexible to change.

You're invited to come see what we're building by registering with us at

Be sure to check out the "Social Side" and meet new friends and colleagues from 170 countries representing 38 languages. If your native language is not yet represented, it soon will be, as our One World Team is hard at work translating all the site's content.

Stop in for a visit and say hello. I promise you a warm welcome.

My first choice would "ecademy" this is where I have found success, and an array of different personalities and some different businesses.
I find Linkedin very interesting but I really have not studied it nor have I had the time, I have no doubt I will find Linked in very helpful.
I like Twitter for the fact that it is linked to Linkedin and ecademy makes for a win, win situation.

Cheers to all, and the best of success.
Dear Readers,

all of those Social Networks have some pro and cons!
At the End of the day everybody expects some outcome!
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Right now, I'd have to say FB.



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