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Is it facebook, twitter, linked-In?  What network reigns supreme and why?

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Hopefully Vital Networkers
Facebook--it's my Shea Stadium/Ed Sullivan show!
Actually it's my Frank-at-The-Sands!
The maximum on return for Time spent I have HERE!
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It's naturally the SICU Synergy Solutions Group Network (SICU SSGN) as my exlusively private, branded network, virtual organization and strategic alliance, which is now under regeneration. In addition to Facebook and LinkedIn I have to mention XING as my largest network. Here I coordiante two groups, the Helsinki Connection and SICU SSG as well.

For restaurants & wineries the best for time invested is foursquare - it's a no-brainer, and takes almost no time to manage!
It is most definitely Facebook! I can do so much on there in a short amount of time, and reach many people at once. I love it!
fasce book and twitter i have linked them to gather and love it

Ladies and Gentlemen,

social networks are a great opportunity to gererate contacts which are the "lifeblood" of any Business!
The question is:
What is the personal benefit?
Currently all of the "Social-Networks" are only good for the owners, not for the users.
Frankly speaking: THe more users an "Sozial Network" has, the more revenues the OWNERS
lucrate. This is not bad! They are participating on their innovative work and inspiring leadership!
It is 100%b ok!!!

Nevertheless: There is a Communtity at world wide "starting" position, which definately share
its income with all the members, are part of it!

More information about you will find at: Click here

In case of questions, don´t hesitate to contact me direclty an mailto:

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