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What 'other' social network sites do you have profiles on for connecting 'socially?'

I am collecting URL's for Social Media websites - primarily in the United States and already have a listing which runs over 290 sites (all active).  

I am very curious to see if there are other 'lessor known' sites that you use, am amazed no one else has heard about, and would like to share with others?  

I already have these listed below on my list, so don't provide me those.  I am looking for Social Media websites that may be somewhat obscure, new, fresh, unique, targeted to a 'different' non-mainstream market, etc. (meeting and social media organizer) (meeting and social media organizer)

Please post your nominations and full URL's here on this site so you and I can share with the world.

Dawn Boyer is a doctoral student at Old Dominion University in the Darden College of Education, working on her PhD in Occupational Studies and Technology), as well as working as a (Doctoral) Graduate Teaching Assistant teaching computer science and technology to undergraduate students. She has over 19 year of senior management experience in human resources, nine years in the defense-contracting arena. Ms. Boyer also provides HR consulting services to small businesses, including small and dynamically growing defense companies, in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.   

Her LinkedIn profile is:

She accepts all LinkedIn invites via

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these are art related sites, somewhat obscure.
the forum at
Thanks for the information. Good lucks,jahangir


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