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Available marketing vehicles seem to come in all shapes and sizes these days.  There's social networking, web press releases, blogging, micro-blogging...  What's bringing customers to your door?

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I market on Craigslist. It works great for me with recruiting people to work for Ameriplan. Not so great with people wanting to buy our dental and Medical plans. I post in the general community section. Maybe that is the wrong section. I'm going to try something different.

Laquita Amos
Independent Business Owner
Right now keeping my website my SEO up to snuff, signing into every free sign up option that seems logical in my market and then pursuing lists of Brides... emailing them, sending postcards and following up with phone calls.
Right now the marketing strategies that are working best for my business are social networking, virtual expos or trade shows, in person networking, article writing and answering questions.

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