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Available marketing vehicles seem to come in all shapes and sizes these days.  There's social networking, web press releases, blogging, micro-blogging...  What's bringing customers to your door?

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For us, it's a combination of all of the above. Web 2.0 has brought the marketing to a new level. All n all I would say developing a good long term relationship campaign with your clients that is supported by email, newsletters and strategic social media posts....
New Media and all it has to offer has certainly opened doors that were once inaccessible because of time and distance. You're certainly right on target with support of long term customer relationships through consistent use of Web 2.0
We are using the tools that are available:

Twitter - For annoucements
Facebook - Team Building
Linked In - Strategic Partnerships

Then we plug them into our nationwide network that today is getting around 3,000 hits per day. We are creating a facebook type world for business owners and we know that it will help a lot of people in the social networking space weed out the noise.

I found that once I bundled several resources together many people where able to become more sucessful:

Internet Commercials
Blogging Post

Pricing it at $149.00 per month has also help us as we have a core group of people who believe in making a difference and building out a powerful network.

If you ever need help with anything in the world of online marketing please let me know (logs - website - commercials)

Ronald Bolden Jr
ShyMarketing Founder
Hi, Ronald!

I took a look at your site. You offer some great products. Bundling of several resources does make for a much more effective marketing campaign.

So far Linkedin is the best working for me. Very high quality customers. Facebook is okay. Twitter generates LOT of traffic to the site.

Videos are great.

Best wishes
Muhammad Siddique
Social Media Marketer
Phone: 770-456-5929
I've been an independent writer, producer and director (mostly corporate, and some broadcast content) for 25 years now. I recently wrote a post called "The Fruits of Your Labor" ( about marketing myself - in a way most people don't think about. I do no advertising, so rely heavily on word-of-mouth and local networking. But it's the type of networking I've begun to do that has brought me greater success than I've ever had in that arena. I think it's worth taking a look, if physical networking is one way you use to market your business.
I, like many of the other posters, use multiple strategies. I have only recently started doing this so I don't have any good measurements yet. I will post at a later time.

Have an amazing day!

P. S. Enter our free weekly candle drawing at
Webinars - with really good info and low sell aspect. We try to give examples of how we help our clients succeed. AND how we are really different from just a bookkeeper. Also give access to additional info for download.
Michael G Murray
Chief Solution Provider
Although i have been using social networks Istill get a better response from carefully targetted marketing or from existing client referrals

Depending on what I want to promote, I use a different strategy and a different marketing mix.
For my online store as this is intended for the end consumers, I usually promote product listings on Google Products, send offers in Twitter(not too often), make banners linking to my landing pages in my site and in other sites.
Use RSS, and other Web 2.0 tactics, and occasionally send promotional newsletters.
For my B2B sites and, as they are intended for companies in the construction industry, my message is to promote the different products in b2B portals worldwide.

My new venture is to promote a social site, specific for the Community of Doral in Florida , but with articles in subjects interested to many specially with the current state of the US economy.
So far, for my software business, I have nearly only worked with people I first met and had a good contact with. None of my advertising or anything else has worked. Software is expensive and a service. You just cannot sell that like a consumer product.

Alexis Wilke
We supply wholesale vacations. I use several marketing tools.
Linked In
Twitter but not full speed yet
Trading media

I try to keep the focus on joining social networking sites that are relevant to my target markets.

Berrece Andrews


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