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There are many avenues for posting video as a part of your social media marketing package., and of course YouTube; 

If you use any of these methods it is also important that you optimize the video for SEO.

Are you using YouTube as a method of social marketing?

Leave your channel so we can all subscribe.

Mine is

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A great way to search, compare, and decide on a home service contractor. No more giving all your information up front! Check out the tutorial video. Please rate it!

YouTube Tutorial on how to use our site:

I am a big fan of screencast too! No ads and the resolution is higher


mine is please rate any video you watch also. Thanks !
Eryka's Place has two Youtube videos to showcase Eryka's original designs
so please visit Eryka's Place

Eryka's Place Greeting cards

Eryka's Place earrings and pendants


Being a songwriter and occasional performer it serves as a platform for videos of my songs and onstage appearances.

Dave Colvin

Here's mine Dave:

On ReverbNation:

Hi everyone. Mine is a visual arts channel.

I greatly appreciate your help!! Ill check out your channel.Please help me to share my video.Voted best documentary on the subject of Universal oneness!!

Hard Rain

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