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Many people join a business opportunity because of their specific reasons. Some of these reasons are realistic and some are not, but to each is own. The reason Why is really a Goal Statement for yourself, a daily reminder to give you a reason not to quit your business opportunity, a reason so strong and powerful that no matter what attitude sets in your mind that you are willing to make the sacrifice to WIN! To being a successful entrepreneur.

 - The Ace Of Social Networking
Anastacia "Ace" Hauldridge

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I posted a webpage that gives you the opportunity to freely answer the 'Why' questions in your life, set financial goals, and look for ways to achieve them. I call it my 'Ask Questions' Financial Worksheet because it helps you imagine what it would be like to actually be a Millionaire, and work toward that end.

Ask Questions
Yes that good and all but Rolfe post on this thread what is your own why, don't show me another website we don't need that the post says Why you are doing your business so answer the question please thanks!

The Ace
I "became" unemployed - but the love I have for the work I do, and the "buzz" it does create - drives me to keep pursuing. I love the social media that is taking over where ink on paper previously existed. It's exciting, it's's ever-changing. What a KICK! Now only if I can generate some business!!!
Very Good Why Jim! Excellent Reason!

The Ace


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