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I would like everyone to be able to see different aspects of how to integrate social media into their websites.  Please list your url so that we can all see real examples of social media integration.

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We are the NASA developed hydration concentrate and can be found at we also have links to our Facebook Fan Page
Protecting your Tweets is not a recipe for success.
That is so true. I rarely follow anyone who has protected their Tweets.
My website is
I manage my news articles/headlines with a phpnews and each entry is posted to both of my Twitter and Facebook accounts automattically.

Users see a headline with a shortend URL ( back to my news posting page for this article. It is great for driving specific information to a targeted audience.
Hey Todd,
Like the website, a couple of things to consider, create a better call to action on you site by making the "Not a member? Join Now!" a little brighter, bolder, and possibly move it to the other side. I would also put a clean designed FB button next to it and add a clean designed Twitter button. My guess is that your FB page is strictly for fans, I would create a fan page that new fans would see, check out ifan (just a link to their FB page) no affiliation... This way you could drive more traffic to your site that is looking for motocross info. Once you have a fan page setup you could then advertise on FB to a more targeted consumer.
As for your Twitter page..., have you just recently started it? The thing you'll want to get into a habit of doing is sending out tweets. There are tools out there that can help you streamline this process, but for now you will want to find the biggest profiles in your sport and follow them..., make relevant comments to get the big profiles to respond, which will make others pay attention to you... There are more ways, but this should be a good start...
One thing to consider for your twitter page is to redesign it so it has you website out there were others can see it easier, also put your FB link on it as well... Use both sides...
Let me know if you have any questions.
Wow! It's a good thought, check us out @

Gordon Martin
Hi everybody
My project consist of two parts
my website
and my social network

Natalie - The short answer is:

The longer form answer with several additional examples of my social networking activites is:

Ocean Rudee's Twitter Page:

Causes on Facebook Listing - "Inspiring Young Children to Read!" Community Page for Ocean Rudee & Company:

BlogSpot Blog:

JacketFlap Blog:

MySpace Blog:

Make the Difference Network Fund-raising Site:

Networkers United Worldwide Profile - Paul Ennis:

Intent Blog:

Facebook Profile - Paul Ennis:

Architects of a New Dawn Profile - Paul Ennis:

Ocean Rudee MySpace Page:

Ocean Rudee YouTube Channel:

JacketFlap Profile - Paul Ennis:

LinkedIn Profile - Paul Ennis:


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