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Please take a moment to list your twitter url, what you tweet about, and why we should all follow you.

My twitter url is:

I tweet about social media and my fight with cancer. I have been very fortunate to have had my cancer recently go into remission, and I have been tweeting less about cancer and more about social media.

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Hi everyone,


I tweet particularly about innovation in the indie film & entertainment industry - people who make use of the web, connecting with audiences, giving value through relationships, and all the buzzwords - social media marketing, transmedia, crowdsourcing, freemium, community building, etc - to fund, promote, distribute & monetise their content.

I follow a mixture of film, entertainment, PR, marketing, social media, and related technology. I follow people who are thought leaders - who I will learn from and can exchange ideas with - not much interested in idle musings about what's for dinner :)

I don't believe in "auto follow" so only connect with me if you like my feed, and feel free to tap me if you think I'd be interested in following you.

My Twitter id is

I post an occasional meaningful motivational and inspirational comment. -- social media marketing, online business, self improvement

Best wishes
Muhammad Siddique
Social Media Marketer
Hello Natalie,

My twitter url is:

My tweets are about helping everyday business people navigate the often overwhelming world of Social Media Marketing. Our community is about sharing the up to date news, information and resources to help you succeed with Social Media Marketing.

Hector V. Herrera
Social Media Moguls



My twitter url is!/richardrycroft


I'm a British stand-up comic and just for fun, I'm trying to become the most followed non-tweeter on Twitter. It'd be great if you could follow me, and maybe tweet about me too?


My blog is at Look for the 'TwitterQuest' post from December 2010.





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