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My twitter url is:

I tweet about social media and my fight with cancer. I have been very fortunate to have had my cancer recently go into remission, and I have been tweeting less about cancer and more about social media.

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My twitter url is:

I tweet about being a Lighthouse Keeper who loves to read children's stories and bring them to life for boys and girls and also about the importance of reading aloud, Imagination Travelin', active imagination and increased literacy for young children.


I tweet about "mob wars" and "mafia wars" games.

Hi Natalie

I tweet about industry specific topics within social media and online marketing, but mix it up with a bit of 'character' personal tweets now and then. I also tweet relevant to South African industry, so you're welcome to follow me to keep tabs on that part of the world.

I believe more in listening than doing push marketing on Twitter and have found great value there.

Have also started a lifestyle blog with a South African twist, running in parallel with the Twitter account as a pet project, check it out ;-)
Thanks! I'm and I tweet about the Law of Attraction, business/life coaching, fashion, Japanese food, clickbank products and humor. I'm still sorting out how to use Twitter in a more productive, helpful and financially rewarding way. I'll let you know when I get there.
Hi Natalie, you come up with some great posts and thats brilliant news about your cancer.

I must admit I tweet about my business opportunities too much.
Social sites are supposed to be for socialising, the clue is in the heading.
Maybe I should heed my own advice.

Thankyou and take care Natalie
My twitter url is:

I tweet about holistic health, spirituality, abundance and online networking.
I'm @Area224 - and I tend to tweet OFTEN. And we were just featured as Tweet of the Week on HGTV!
My twitter url is :

I mainly love to tweet about coffee and grow my business. I also enjoy interacting with others and seeing what others have to say. I'm intrigued about social media not only for growing my business, but I have a love for communication and am fascinated with the speed of our modern day communication. At the end of the day though I really want to sell coffee and take Folgers out of business!


I Tweet about small business marketing. Our Bridal shop in orlando, and new health products to improve your health .
I twitter about future, society, responsibility, sustainability, coaching, NLP, mental training, art, design, lifestyle, caospilots, change management. LOHAS. I'm interested in information about conferences, innovations, trainings, ununsual things and people and new jobs around the subjects mentioned above. I'm just in the procedure of writing a book about luck.
Hi Natalie,
My twitter url is:

I tweet about marketing communications, social media, journalism, language, occasionally about the building and agricultural industries, sustainability and CSR. I also follow Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French language tweeps and will re-tweet when I find something interesting. When I launch my blog (soon I hope!), I will make the worthwhile information I find in these languages available also in English.
Thank you for this.

My twitter url is:
I tweet about The Right Stuff TM - serious hydration for serious athletes. This NASA developed and patented electrolyte concentrate is rapidly becoming a very important component to the performance regimen of numerous elite (college and pro) and endurance athletes
You can also check us out at or on our FB fan page at:


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