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Our Facebook fan page url is:

I have turned ours into a hybrid of business with a personal touch.  On the business side our main focus is on capturing leads using a form that is build directly into Facebook.  On the personal side, I have built a diary section that gives a snapshot of my fight against cancer.

We have a little over 5000 total fans.  I will post 1-3 solid articles or videos related to social media marketing each week on the wall.

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My wedding and portrait photography page is and I use it to show a few highlights from weddings or portrait shoots. I tag my customers (if they are also facebook friends) or they tag themselves and my work gets seen by their friends. I've had a couple of referrals from it, so it's been worth it for me.
I promote with my fanpages my start up in fashion, using SM and co. Its a mix of a bigger concept so one fanpage is just to keep my friends busy until I ll launch, also promoting my friends/ network if they fit with the target market of my brand.

Also I ve 6 groups...



But this all happened- it never was before a concept. .. Cheers julz

Being a real estate investor I have about 5000 people on my regular page and it was suggested I create a fan page so I can continue to share and people can read what I have to say, so I made 1.

I use it for business and networking.
My facebook page is
I have a new product called VBIZcard. I make these with user generated video or video I shoot, Merchant Circle, Ning or business directories.

Also, whenever I find cool tips and tools on the web I believe is helpful to my business, I will share on the site as well. Please visit! and my twitter account which is linked is Enjoy and if you ever need a photographer visit, email me at or give me a call at 914-275-3491.
My facebook page is

I use it for promotion of my webshow on and the services I provide within the fields of marketing and communication. I will also use it to update my viewers about new shows and videos as an alternative to my newsletter.

As it is rather new, I have not come far with this, but in due time...

And then also in order to have another link to my website.
My Facebook fan page is for my business, My Creative Team. This is just another channel for me to connect with colleagues and Fortune 1000 prospects. I have my blog feed populating the page. I also post marketing, PR and social media links of interest and photos of our latest work for clients like Nucor and Rubbermaid. Feel free to become a fan.
Hi Natalie my current fan page is still a long url (I think you need 100 fans to get the shortened version ?) anyhow I'm using my main UK one as a geo - local - centered around my town - I have a link to my local blog - which has links to supermarket/cinema opening times and local newspaper, bloggers,business etc.

I've run the RSS for the fan page through feedburner - that gives you a way for fans to get your wall posts by e-mail - so they can subscribe - I've redirected tweets of local news aggregated from google news to the wall - adding one post every 6 hours of content that is related to my town - I think these business pages are getting better all the time and developers are creating more apps.

Anyone is welcome to join my page - the main topics on all my standard blogs are the same as I use posterous as one central location for blogging - webtools, coffee and chatter (on-line business related or about anything) I have a coffee fan page but that is nearly at 100 fans - people in my town need a bit of encouragement so this page would benefit a cyberwave from a passing stranger (or networking friends!)

Zara x
This fan page is for the science publishing business that I work as PR Manager for, with a small niche product specifially targeted at academics and librarians but one one that is slowly building its international profile.

The main aim of the fan page was to complement our profile on other social media channels, targeting younger academics and people interested in the f1000 product and message.

The page is linked to Twitter and our company blog feed and I post Youtube links to our videos whenever they are uploaded.

I've started to use it as another data capture point in my online marketing strategy, similarly to newsletter sign-up box on my website page. Also I use the function that allows my blog posts to be automatically loaded into your personal page or fan pages. I think this let's it look connected and part of your overall strategy and it only depends on where your users will arrive not so much how you capture their info and then most important the communication plan you have outlined for your visitors, prospects, customers, partners & staff (*staff or hr communication is usually in large orgs only)

I also noticed that you can now upload full html pages from your site and change a setting to allow that page to load instead of your profile page. They are really sharp and act like any quality squeeze page used to attract Facebook users to be a fan.

This is great Network, I look forward to meeting all the interested people here.
Patrick Wagner

We use this for updates about the company and events that we are hosting. Planning to add or push more information about virtual events to educate the market here as this is a new concept.

Our fan base is not bad but need to think of other ways how to increase it. Suggestions are appreciated. :-)
I would love to learn how to do a fb fan page - I'm in the process of building a website for business women and would love to do a fan page. i do have a facebook - use it for personal but keep it professional - t times i've sebnt out info on customer apprecaition parties that i have done with my business.


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