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Our Facebook fan page url is:

I have turned ours into a hybrid of business with a personal touch.  On the business side our main focus is on capturing leads using a form that is build directly into Facebook.  On the personal side, I have built a diary section that gives a snapshot of my fight against cancer.

We have a little over 5000 total fans.  I will post 1-3 solid articles or videos related to social media marketing each week on the wall.

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PING is great, isn't it?
My page is Just starting to use it.
My Facebook fan page URL is

I am turning my page into a source for current projects, discussions to try and engage conversation, post links to other readings I've found that either pertain to my industry or have to do with referral network marketing. I've had it going almost a year and I have 9 fans! I'd love to have more, but only if they find what I post to be of value.
I'm on FB; however, I haven't set up a fan page as of yet as I'm still deciding how to marry the common interest of my businesses (publishing and radio host) all into one. Any suggestions would be great!
Well, I am using this account to meet old and new friends, to discuss on what is happening all over the countries, to share evry interesting topic in nowadays. To meet and know the views of Christians and non Christians.
I have account in Face book but I use it rarely. Because there nothing for my interest.

Apparently this is my fan's page - didn't know they existed until you asked! [Is a "fan" the same as a "friend"?] I hardly use FB [I keep being sent quizzes that are appallingly constructed and spelt] as the majority of my potential market don't even own a computer let alone visit youthful playsites like FB.

I think Twitter is a much more useful biz tool - but always willing to be proved wrong!
Attachments: ( Ties in with my #1 Google Page Ranked YahooGroup Song For All Seasons. It's an open blog and recruiting site for my Neo-Gothic Eclectic Orchestra Society.
I'm also linked to Twitter and Ping.FM (PING ROCKS! It's like a cyber-empire: "So let it be writ-ten; so let it be DONE!")


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