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Our Facebook fan page url is:

I have turned ours into a hybrid of business with a personal touch.  On the business side our main focus is on capturing leads using a form that is build directly into Facebook.  On the personal side, I have built a diary section that gives a snapshot of my fight against cancer.

We have a little over 5000 total fans.  I will post 1-3 solid articles or videos related to social media marketing each week on the wall.

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Hello …
Are ViralSo members using this discussion as an "FB Page Fan Exchange:- I fan your FB fan my FB page… businesses helping each other to promote and grow"?...
My FB page is Tramca Group at
I would be honoured if you'd "fan my FB page"... I'll "fan your FB page" right back...
Keep well until…
My Facebook Fan Page is

My goal is to promote my website, my poetry, my books, as well my services. But, it takes time and patience. Success doesn't happen overnight! ;-)
I'm currently new at this facebook site. I don't know how to make up a fan page. Can someone assist me on how to set one up. At this time, I don't have a lot of people/fans on any of the sites(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). I would like to build up my networking. Here is my profile for Facebook: Here is my Twitter page: Here is my LinkedIn page: If there are any questions, please reply.
Hi Natalie,

Looks like you're getting quite busy again! 8-)

I have a page about one of my products called Turn Watcher:

I was wondering, how can I promote it to have more subscribers?! Right now, we have only 16 and it has not been growing at all pretty much from the start. We have links from the website to that page and vice versa, and mention it here and there, but it doesn't seem to take.

I know it is a niche market, I'm just wondering... what could make it more prominent?!

Thank you for any insight.
Hi Alexis

It might help to explain what your (Turn Watcher) is, what does it do etc.

I imagine (having grandchildren) it could have something to do with making sure they each get their turn and time doing certain things.

How is that for a guess?

I would be very interested to know,

Greg Wright

Saving the planet ONE person, ONE household and ONE family at a time
Mobile +61(0)409878170
How do you know when someone "fan" your FB fan page? FB do not send out notifications to this effect, at least, to me.
Any quick fixes????
My facebook page is

Soon to come is my free Newbie training site http//

The first page is strictly my journal. My lounge and information headquarters.
Free like we will be place for Newbies to hang out and click. Thanks Natalie for
the post.

My Facebook page is

I haven't thought of using my url for business as of yet. I use Facebook more for keeping up with my personal friends that I've met in life. Still trying to figure this social media thing and how to use it for business and not abuse it.
I created a SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected) fan page the 11th of January more or less to test the functionality of a fan page generally. It's about creating AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) among potential collaboration partners, co-marketers and brand managers, who might be interested to utilize SICU, its slogan, logo and color world to support their marketing efforts.

You can become familiar with the original idea, concept and values behind SICU, and find out how to use SICU and its several communication channels to support W-O-M-M (Word Of Mouth Marketing) among many other things.

Visit & join the SICU Family / Fan Club, and learn more about the opportunities available at
My Facebook Fan page is - for anyone who is into green causes and green living. Please join if this is you!! :) I have 65 members and am really enjoying posting links I find ... my only question is how do you get people to participate?? :>
Well for some reason when I use the short URL to my page, Facebook decides to send you to some bloke!

but I have

which at the moment are mostly links to other articles about hypnotherapy. My goal is to write more articles for it myself.


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