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Our Facebook fan page url is:

I have turned ours into a hybrid of business with a personal touch.  On the business side our main focus is on capturing leads using a form that is build directly into Facebook.  On the personal side, I have built a diary section that gives a snapshot of my fight against cancer.

We have a little over 5000 total fans.  I will post 1-3 solid articles or videos related to social media marketing each week on the wall.

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My facebook page is here I mainly post links from my blog to it.
I have a customised portraiture photography business and to be honest I do not really get clients from it-and for me that is not the point of FB. Facebook does help with google though :)
I feel a presence there doesn't hurt but I admit I am not very good at keeping it up to date or as exciting as it could be. :)
My facebook fan page is and I use it to promote my e-businesses and investments to people who honor me with their trust.

When a business / company is not doing good and my due diligence proves that, I delete it from my portfolio immediately and warn my customers.

I have 1,233 fans on mine. Its a game application fan page for Bejeweled 2. I develop game apps on Facebook in my spare time :)
I became a fan of both Maria and Sufferahsmusic Media on FB. Here's hoping you will do the same.

My goal in setting up these pages was topromote my writing. I do need to become more motivated to get full use of them.
My facebook fansite you can find here - and I'm using it to promote my business, of course, and as well as you, Natalie, it has a touch of personal, as I send some of my tweets there as well, which show, what a kind of person am I.

I have between 89 and 92 fans there - that is fluctuating, but I have not promoted the site a lot.

Furthermore Hereke Carpets are of course an absolute niche product.
Hello Solveigh:
Just fanned your FB page...
MyFB page is
Here's to businesses helping each other to promote n' grow...
I have a facebook account, but not a fan page yet - busy on other things.
My facebook is under Karen Cioffi-Ventrice
Oh, I use if for visibility - to promote my articles, and posts and articles of others that I think my readers will find of value. My focus is on writing for children and nonfiction, marketing and health.


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