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Whenever I speak to students I always ask them about their five year plan.  Some of them
don't have a plan, five year or otherwise.   However, once the students become more engaged in the direction
of their lives, a five year plan becomes a reality.  Because I know that we can allow our busy lives to get in the
way of our inner growth, it's necessary that we spend time on manifesting our


What does a five year plan look like?  Your five year plan should resemble a road map complete with turns and directions that will lead your goals.  Placing 'turns and alternate directions' within your five year plan helps serve as a buffer for the times when
you want to quit.  Wanting to quit is expected, because nothing worth having is easy.   The 'turns and alternate directions' can't prevent bumps in the
road, but they will make those unexpected problems more tolerable.

Your five year plan forces you to take action on the things you hope and wish for.  In
essence, a five year should motivate you to make your dreams reality.


Remember to be bold with your five year plan and step out of your comfort zone.  Being
bold increases your confidence identifies your true talents. 


Writing about a five year plan seemed like the perfect topic at this point in the year. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the second half of the year.  As you look back on the past six months, what have you changed in your life? 


What is your five year plan?


I welcome your comments.

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