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 The most important thing you have to have a plan. without a plan you dont know where you are going or how to get their. you have to have a product that someone wants. You have to have a budget to pay for everything. you need a coach or mentor to help you with your marketing you have to have time  and a burning desire to be successful. Then you have to follow your plan step by step.You keep doing what works and stop doing what is not working. You must give to receive.


          Without your plan you have a plan to fail..

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Nice post!

My opinion, however, is that you need to make a commitment to make money. The real reason we go into business. With the commitment in place, you will be willing to do whatever it takes to push yur business forward. It's not all fun and games even if you're "doing what you dreamed of doing" - get the help you need to keep yourself happy and wealthy.
Michael G MUrray
Chief Solution Provider
Hello Harry,

Planning is absolutely foundational. There are a number of fantastic and inexpensive resources available online to help you structure a good working business plan. Also, don;t just plan for business, don;t forget to take care of yourself and above all be REALISTIC about the sacrifices you are willing to make and what the risks could be. Lack of capital is why most small business ventures fail, but often times the entrepreneurs are so busy raising funding for their business that they forget that there's a whole set of personal issues that don't stop because your business comes first. Make sure you look at both sides of the coin so you are prepared for any scenario.

Good Luck To You!

Hector V. Herrera
Social Media Moguls
where and what, and how to reach your market
what does the reaching? product, branding, ask those questions first.


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