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I think LinkedIn is the best. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles of Facebook, all the members are professionals.

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I like ecademy which is more oriented to small business owners than LinkedIn which is like employees of large corporations. I have a harder time to connect with people on LinkedIn.

Btw, Ning is real cool too... 9-)

I do not think there is one clear best.

LinkedIN - Really good for straight business contacts, but there is not as much interaction as in Facebook.

Facebook Fan Page - The fan page allows for the most customization of any social network.

Twitter - It is such a hit that you can not avoid it. Nice widgets that can be integrated into your site.

Ecademy - Good grass roots network where you do not get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the "Big 3." The blog is a good way to spend your time meeting the most active members.
I agree with Natalie.
Just to add that Ecademy is more "European" if I can use this word.

XING is also a good platform
1. Ecademy

2. Linkedin

3. Twitter
I'd have to go with,


Linked In

Breezeworld TV


I'm in to finding buyers and sellers of different commodities and I find "currently" that LinkedIn is my best source of finding professionals and people more closely connected to the principals. Although, my present situation is that the people are still further away from the principals than I sometimes can use. I need a Network where I can connect directly to the principals of Petroleum products, diamonds, gold, MTNs and BGs and EURO/USD providers. Any further suggestions?

I am Social media specialist and I found the best social media site so far.
For my business (retail), I would have to say Twitter. I get more direct business from Twitter than from anyplace else so far.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn is best for business advice and contacts.

Facebook - I havent been able to really maximize FB for my business yet aside from RSS Feeds from my business blog...
I have had good success with my Facebook page. We did half personal branding and half business branding.
The link is broken!
Thanks Natalie. This link works.


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