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Please provide detail that on what grounds some person, media and anything other than, be called a social.

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where I grew up, "being social" implied politeness and consideration for others. Perhaps the easiest way to demonstrate sociability is to show interest in another's feelings, thoughts and interest.
Short and sweet. I like your definition.
well said ! I have a view that treating other likes your own self and communicating in the same plane is being social. That way you are not unknown to anyone in this universe...and respect others feeling like your own..

Back in the day when I was coming up 'social' meant to slow dance with a member of the opposite sex, however, seeing we are applying the term to social networking, social is the beginning of a social relationship.

Social is acknowledging you, making an acquaintance, communicating. Social is interacting.
interacting with others by all means; others can choose to like that or not, however any interaction whether we are positive or negative , praising or criticizing , as long as it is reacting to others and asking others to react to us - that i would consider socializing
Social means being friendly, vibrant, informative,'s just means a lot of good things.....!!! But usually your aim is to be with friends, family, business enhance their existence in some way. And hopefully, they will do the same for you!!!! For God said that it is not good that man should be alone.

Socia - just being involved in a good way!


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