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As an entrepreneur with a home based biz, I have tried some of these programs only to dissapointed. 


If you have a website that you are actively promoting with a free service, please share with everyone as well as including your URL link!


My main site can be found HERE!

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Good note Rigo - connecting with the right audiance is key! Thank you for adding to the discussion.
Actually I use the Free Services of AdlandPro and others like Ning to promote my Free Training, Education and Mentoring services. I do not promote my Home Based Biz company.

For this reason, I have been extremely successful in bring those into my HBB that understand what they are looking at and for to meet their goals, not mine.

I feel that ANY Biz or Social Network site out there will be successful for a Network Marketer if they 1. Are offering Value first 2. are consistent in using and attending to that site everyday and 3. Building relationships FIRST and 4. are NOT advertising the opportunity.

I know this sounds off a bit to those who state that is what these networks are for...well quite frankly it is no surprise to you that everyone on these sites especially these Biz networks have an opportunity already and may not want to hear about YOURS!

People do what they feel is best for them and that is perfect for them. I choose to have this in mind and put out help to those only who ask me for it. This is a good way to "qualify" prospects as well. DO we not want those who join our BIz to have strong conviction and desire to succeed? If they do not know the value, how can they make the right choice for themselves and stay committed? This is the attrition issue.

SO any site is great for me that I put my attention into consistently and I then enjoy all that I do and the interaction with others in a joyful way of serving their needs.

To everyone's Succeess! This is an Abundant Universe! May All Enjoy the Love of Service! You may check out this Free Mentoring at:

Mary Guariglia
LifeStyle Cosultant
WOW - You guys are really putting in some great feedback!
Although I haven't been able to check out everyone's sites and links yet, I look forward to seeing some everyday to see what everyone is doing.

I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You to everyone who has contributed so far - spread the word and let's see what other great stuff we learn about!

That's what Networking is all about.

Linda King

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please share with everyone as well as including your URL link!

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