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As an entrepreneur with a home based biz, I have tried some of these programs only to dissapointed. 


If you have a website that you are actively promoting with a free service, please share with everyone as well as including your URL link!


My main site can be found HERE!

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My latest post about Supporting Small Businesses includes recommendations on how to promote any business using free methods.

There are links to the most important Local Directories (online Yellow Pages sites) that allow consumers to post reviews of businesses. Businesses with reviews get far more business than those without.

It provides information on a way to get your business listed in 76+ directories for $30 and that post gives links to many of the other sites. Most have a free add my business option for those who have far more time than money. (It takes days to do that manually so spend the $30 if you have it to spend.)

This is exactly what my entire blog is about (growing small businesses). I offer free advice to anyone who asks and the blog is 100% dofollow with KeywordLuv and CommentLuv installed so leaving comments there properly creates valuable incoming links to your business.

To find information on specific topics use the search box, skim the categories in the lower right column, or see the Best of GrowMap post.

Thanks for the info, we will check it out!

I sign myself to as many as possible, but my Google analytics show that very few people come to my site from them, most come from google, or professional registers I'm listed in.
Thank you Penny,

We also seem to find that the paid services work much better!

Penny, Its not just about whether or not they drive traffic, its also creating back links to your main site, which in turn creates more exposure for your site. For me that's the main goal. If I get traffic to my main site from a profile I have set up that's a bonus.
Facebooks marketplace since they are linked to oodle when I post 20 ads it is like posting 50 since oodle syndicates. I also use basic social networking sites to promote. They work better than basic ad placement.
Hello Heidi,

Thanks for the information, we will take a peak!
I appreciate you sharing with us.

I use a site called Ecademy that is much similar to this one where there are many business men and women from most of the world. This is absolutely NOT a social site of any kind and geared towards professionalism and enterprise. The PLUS is: you are automatically subscribed to Google!!! My entire professional resume appeared in Google within a month!!! So it is in your best interest to post a good business resume. Anyone interested in joining the site (FREE) please send me your Name and Email address and i would be pleased to invite you. It is FREE to join but if it is desired, there are many professional services that you can have at a minimal cost.

The reason I ask that you send me your name and email to invite you is simply because I will be given a credit for each person I invite and they join .... the same will apply to you, if you join too :) See you there soon.

Send email to:
Andrew Ramjohn
Hi Andrew,

I'm on ecademy too! 8-)

Hi Alexis,

Nice to see a vote of confidence.
We will have to check out the site!

Hi Alexis,

Great :) Let's invite each other?

Thank you Andrew,

We will certainly take a look and send you a note to join....



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