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I can synchronize LinkedIn to Twitter now with a single check in the box.

I can synchronize Plaxo with Facebook with a one time configuration.

But can you tie these two pairs together into so one tweet updates them all?


What other ways can I tie social tools together. For instance can this discussion go out to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?  I would argue Plaxo is the next most powerful tool. 


My objective is to have a robot or agent that will allow a ingle update box of 140 characters to be messaged to all of my communities.


Who is doing what and what is working well?

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Well I guess I use Twitter - for that role. In fact that's the main useage I have for Twitter these days.
Eric have you been attending any Tweetups in your local area?
Hootsuite links Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Wordpress Blogs. In addition, through Hootsuite you can access and push content to over forty social networks. Post once and reach all your communities.

Kathy Catoe
KTO Group, LLC
I use for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I am not sure about Plaxo although I do have one client who has begun using it (financial planner - if that matters). I am seriously thinking about switching to HootSuite just because there are more options. Some of my older blogs are in Blogger (yeah, I know they need to convert to WP), and they do not work well with Ping.


I've very recently been told about Posterous for this ( and am busy setting it up. It seems to auto post to most sites...

I use Tweetdeck which can post to multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn. I also use SocialOomph to post scheduled and automated updates to Twitter and again, you can add to other accounts like Facebook, Friendfeed etc. You need to be selective though as you would generally post many more Tweets than Facebook updates - different culture.

Janet Moore
Hootsuite provides the ability to post scheduled tweets as well.
Kathy Catoe
I use Hootsuite and Hootsuite allows me to schedule my updates and it is a wonderful timesaver. I use when I am perusing the web and see a noteworthy site I want to share instantly to all my friends. They're both fun and easy to use.
First, I don't think that we should be posting the same message to all networks. Tools like Ping.FM commoditize what is supposed to be a unique relationship building experience. How can you build trust when you are simply broadcasting the same stuff all over the place??

I have been using because it allows me to manage people, not networks. I can look at a person and see what they've been updating across many networks. Then respond to that person on what ever network I choose.

Just my 2Cents!
Joshua Waldman
Founder, Career Enlightenment
Well, depending on the site, you can link your sites with a click and/or you can select the share option in which a list of social sites come up and you choose the one that you want to promote on. (depending on the selection list)


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