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I can synchronize LinkedIn to Twitter now with a single check in the box.

I can synchronize Plaxo with Facebook with a one time configuration.

But can you tie these two pairs together into so one tweet updates them all?


What other ways can I tie social tools together. For instance can this discussion go out to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?  I would argue Plaxo is the next most powerful tool. 


My objective is to have a robot or agent that will allow a ingle update box of 140 characters to be messaged to all of my communities.


Who is doing what and what is working well?

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There is something I want to show you that is literally going to change soc=
ial networking.

I know you probably have multiple social accounts all over the web, but ima=
gine if you could condense everything into one platform and never have to g=
o anywhere else?

Wouldn't that take away some of the confusion of knowing where to go?

I don't know about you, but I don't know if I should be on Twitter, LinkedI=
n, Facebook, FriendFinder, Okurt, Ning or what? It is a bit overwhelming...

Well, this new platform called moneza is taking care of that for us. They a=
re working on a platform that will change social networking, and they are c=
urrently taking beta testers.

They are only keeping this open until March 13th, at 11:59 PM.

This means you do not have much time to register, so get to my link, which =


Relax also because there is no cost. This is just a beta pre-enrollment, bu=
t the word is they will have special gifts for ALL beta testers, so go to t=
he link and get registered.

You will also get your own special link to share with your contacts, and by=
using that link they will be tied to you when they register.=20

So, again just get to my link at:


OK, that is all I have for now. Don't waste any time because once the beta =
closes it will be too late to get the beta tester gift.

See you there!
Lora Lunden

Your post reads like a cut and paste ad. I went to LinkedIn to see if this was a real person. Why should I beta test if the capability goes away or goes to an unknown price in the very near future?

and suscription to
When I started, I interlinked all my sites, accidentally got a loop happening! I've actually decided to unlink everything, because - while it takes more time to update them individually - each social network has different mores. I don't like reading tweets in my facebook feed: people get into twitter conversations and can rack up a whole heaps of tweets that feel a bit like spam on facebook. Whereas, a conversation in facebook all takes place in the comments section under the one post - it doesn't block out other people. I think it's better to use one social network well than a heap poorly. Go for quality over quantity.
Very good advice Luci.

Send your Linkedin status update to Twitter by all means, but don't send your Twitter blather to Linkedin or Facebook. And let me say, people on Buzz dislike having your Twitter notices sent there too.

A reminder - Twitter and social media in general is not a broadcast medium.

For those who have not yet set up their Google Profile, now is a good time to do so. Add all your online properties and start using the link.

Here's mine as an example Lindy Asimus Google Profile
I was using Ping.FM, but I had problems posting to their site a few weeks back. I've been 3rd-spacing at the public library, but I have a home system now, so maybe I'll try it soon. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Profiles, and Google Blogger as well as several Ning networks. They all autolink now. I'm also on LinkedIn and BrightFuse, but my stuff is too phreeeaky for the latter. Now that my nut-job friends from Facebook are joining me on LinkedIn...we'll see};).
I like to tie all my social media networks together by using my desktop TweetDeck.... I send out one message on it and it blasts all my most popular social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is great... You should try it at I think it will be worth your while...
Oh wow. I have been using PING and the checkbox options available in Facebook, Ecademy, and etc.

However! HootSuite... FTW!

What about HootSuite?

You can sign up for an account with HootSuite and then enter all your Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc IDs.

Then when you post on HootSuite, you just choose which ones you want it to post to.

I wrote an article about also using Ping and hooking them all together, but if you just do this one thing (signing up at HootSuite and entering your LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, and Plaxo) you'll find it's much more streamlined.

Hope that helps!

I use hootsuite. To update my networks at the same time. I can just click on the boxes that I want to get the update. This allows me to update client profiles as well. is a good solution as well.
I've been struggling with the same issue. I've tried but it doesn't work very well in a MAC platform utilizing Safari. In addition to the review/comments here, I've heard good things about HootSuite and TweetDeck. Wish I could offer more. I can say you've definitely brought up a topic that many are struggling with, and as Social Media continues to grow this issue will only become more complex.
It's Simple... it;s Free... It's "Hubze" and you can get it here:

There will be upgrade options in the future. (They have to pay for it somehow) But, what will ALWAYS remain free - according to founder, CEO, (& long-time friend) David Foster - is the "hubze card"

You can learn more about that here:

It started as Moneza but has been re-named to better fit what it does. Lora's description is accurate, and yes it's a pre-written letter that the company sent out to use early on to attract the beta testers needed. But, if you can look past that, you may have just heard about something that could save you some time.

Kudos to Lora for using a time saver to make a post about time saving... Hmmm? lol!

Check it out if you wish,



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