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Here are my keys to success...


1) Consistency - I log in daily to the networks that I am involved with.  The first thing I do every morning is clearing out my inboxes and making replies to messages.


2) Targeting - I focus on networking with people that have things in common with me or have a need that I can fill.


3) Filtering - I know how to quickly identify and weed out people that are looking to waste my time.

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Hello Fred
I am totally down with one and two - it's 3 that fascinates me most at present.
I have been very surprised over the years how my filters work against me
at times. People who have seemed to come from the other side of the galaxy,
on first, second contact, can then become quite crucial to a project later on
down the line.

When filtering I still stick to the random principle. I tend to answer all the
requests for contact and general politesse. So what is actually a waste of time?
Any further thoughts about this from your perspective would be helpful.

The key is getting your business information out there, being to the social network world.

Mr. Keith Peterson
1. Know my goals. Social networking can take as much time as is allotted to it. My goal is marketing first, forming friendships second.

2. Keep proportions. Spam is anti-social. Some smart person said that for every commercial message there should be nine non-commercial messages. "Buy my stuff!", "You need to buy this, and buy it right now!", and similar messages constitute spam.

3. Find a need and fill it. Help people, rather than being the one asking for help.

How can I help you today?
Hi Ernest - I disagree with number 2.

A communication from A-B will succeed or fail due to specific factors **.

There is a lot of fuzz as to what constitutes spam. A spam is a message
sent with no means to reply to the sender. No return address. When people
started advertising (not a spam) their mailboxes were inundated and they
lost their services in a fury of attack. Therefore they now disguise and steal
other people's services and time and more to get their messages over - why?

Because as all advertisers know familiarity sells and if you can be in someone's
face often enough it can eventually affect a person's will. ie it WORKS.
The only reason we have so much spam is because govts and huge corps do it
and turn a blind eye to something that could quite easily be stopped.

But don't call marketing spam just because you want to use the media to slip
in 'commercial' messages' at what you judge to be a 10% norm. That's just
hypocrisy. We ALL (and I mean all) take the consequences for what we write, say,
and do in a public forum. That's called communicating.

If a business sets up and promises stuff and does not deliver - they will fail.
If all you ever get from a person is boring to you (like buy viagra) get a filter
or block them if on social media. Get an abusive call? - put the phone down.

Of course 90% of SN media is advertising (don't confuse marketing with advertising)
and why not? - we all gotta live. Those who do it well win and those who are boring
ham fisted idiots will get blocked. Where is the problem? If the odd one slides through
then turn away from them WHEN you recognise they are lying.

I signed with someone who promised to deliver X and gave me Y which did not
function - so I rejected it. Two more promises were made, deadlines broken calls
not returned, skype email, texts, SN messages ignored.... what does that tell you?

The guy can't or won't deliver. Because he's in Ecademy I am thinking 'oh dear
poor x he must be in trouble'. If he was a normal advertiser I'd think 'oh dear I've
been lied to by a crook'.

Making 'friends' in SN terms means what?

1. getting response to you personally (know me)
2. obtaining agreement (like me)
3. participation of some kind (follow me)
(the brackets are Penny Power's book title and Penny is someone I agree with, like and trust)

All it means is that there was initial attraction of some kind and that's important
in the next stage which is number crunching which inevitably follows if you want
to sell a product or service.

Sorry to say Ernest that your approach is so cut and dried I would not think you could
help me so I would never ask. ... but that's another conversation :-).

Jackie Mackay

** and here's my ad. I wrote a book you can read free about 'How to Communicate'
not even a "squeeze page" - totally free from "monetizing". Lots of conversations in it.
benefit to me? just feels good - it's called satisfaction.
Hello Jackie, I am a "newie" to this website and relatively new to using social networks. I am literally feeling my way around at this stage but am cautious about irritating people or wasting their time. I am really interested in reading the book you mention above and would love to know how I can get hold of a copy please? I also love the sentiment you express - "just feels good - it's called satisfaction! Thank you Jackie, the world needs more people like you!
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From what I've learned, and it's already been said by being a help to others. This is the key at least thats worked best for me. I've just really started in the marketing field, but have been a member of different sites for a year, or more. I've made quite a few friends..and even got a partner I'm working on a project with, just from being nice to folks. It works a lot better than spamming...just be glad when folks learn that.
James - I agree. Like many have said here - the best way to gain visibility, relationships and partnerships is to be yourself, give good feedback to business friends and show that you are really out there to help others and not just "sell" something. I have never liked spammers and now it is even more unnecessary with all the ways to connect through social media. I have been online for years but only in the last couple of years has it come together to be a good way to meet people - keep it up! :)

Laurel Nicolosi
I believe being helpful and just being transparent. When you are yourself, sharing photos, having fun with your friends and fans, they receive you differently. The trust level is increased and therefore you have a greater probability of gaining a customer. My motto is patience and persistence wins the race.
Sounds like great words of wisdom to me!
I like the wisdom in your reply as well! I believe that social networking is about getting to know others, to see where and how you can add value to them. Adding value to others, almost always results in others adding value to you - at least that's been my experience. As humans we are in a continual spiral - either upwards, downwards or "hovering" as a result of having confronted a new truth. Social networkers have a great opportunity to seewhere and how we can add value and / or support to one another whether spiralling upwards or downwards. We can also offer opinions, perspectives etc when we, or others are "hovering" to help one another along the way.
I agree on consistency cause you have to network with people in general as well as people who I have things in common with on a daily basis. Also, I try to blog at almost any site possible. I promote in every free site or listing.


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