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Here are my keys to success...


1) Consistency - I log in daily to the networks that I am involved with.  The first thing I do every morning is clearing out my inboxes and making replies to messages.


2) Targeting - I focus on networking with people that have things in common with me or have a need that I can fill.


3) Filtering - I know how to quickly identify and weed out people that are looking to waste my time.

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I would say the biggest keys to success in social networking are consistency of your personality and being true to yourself.
Yes I agree with your approach.

Social Media Marketer
I think consistency is key. If I keep my business name fresh in peoples minds, eventually they will have a need to call me. Rich people get stressed, poor people get stressed. If I maintain a professional ethical image I just need to let people know I am available to help them. Relax Refresh Revive!
The key to social media success is listening first, and then engaging in a non-promotional way. Social media is more like PR than marketing. It should be a dialogue not a chest-beating monologue.
Pay close attention to everyone who engages you in any way.
Make as many contacts as possible!
Consider every contact a potential sale!
Dont miss a contact!
Great tips....especially logging in to your networks in the morning. I am so busy that I need to have a system to manage the setworks I belong to.
I agree with the above - I don't accept friend requests or invites from people who are not in my same "genre" or where it would not help either one of us to be connected or if I don't know them at all. I accept a request if I don't know the person and their profile shows we have things in common and could start a relationship where we can help each other.

Consistency is very important - might be one of the most important parts of social networking!

I like your list. I would add 1) Be genuine - if it feels forced or unnatual, it's probably not real, 2) offer practical and useful information - in business (B2B or B2C), people are basically trying to solve problems, we are the solution providers.

Walter Plante
Chief Tasting Officer
Fred very well worded and sound advise


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