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Here are my keys to success...


1) Consistency - I log in daily to the networks that I am involved with.  The first thing I do every morning is clearing out my inboxes and making replies to messages.


2) Targeting - I focus on networking with people that have things in common with me or have a need that I can fill.


3) Filtering - I know how to quickly identify and weed out people that are looking to waste my time.

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"Oh the Times They are a Changin"

First — Thanks Bob for the words of wisdom.

Direct sales and network marketing is changing so entirely fast. At times it makes my head spin. We as people have to learn how to connect and build rapport with each other to feel comfortable with interacting in our new market. While there are many opportunities on the internet to buy products, start your own business, or simply find information there are more and more scams every day. It is sad for us folks that have legitimate intentions who are honest.

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Getting to know people, sometimes you find a true diamond.
I like the question and Fred's response. Being a sole proprietor I try to have a healthy balance between networking, R&D, and actual productivity. I may not clear my inbox, but I will try to make an effort to "show my face" in places I have joined or even look for other beneficial places to join.
I agree, these are 3 essentials to success. I would add provide valuable content along with these 3.
its the weeding out the spammers that takes up the time in SM
What a snobby comment.. filtering, weed out people looking to waste your time?? Opening and reading this email has been a huge waste of my time!! I'm going to weed this website and the snobs that reside here out of my Social Network!!!
I don't believe he was purposely trying to be snobby. But in working online you do run across folks that just haven't learned the proper way to use a social site. They just spam you with their offers...and I'm the same way. I try to take time to get to know folks, and help in any way I can. I'm a moderator on another social marketing site and have to censor quite a bit of spammers who just "hit and run" asa I call it. It is a waste of our time, and theirs. Just hope they learn someday.
Have a Blessed Day now...
Social Networking is a journey. Each relationship is treated as a "first date". A fool rushes in and ask for the treasure on the first date. A wise and successful social networker, romances the stone and offers value over a period of time before attempting to offer their goodies. However there are exceptions to the rule. B.B. King said it best. Don't make your move to soon. Add a touch of Fred Hill and you're ready.

I am learning that is the best way for me as well.

Spend a little time each day on your business - emails, social networks, blogs, replies, posts, whatever is important to you - and you will get more out of it than if you spend hours and hours one day a week. I agree with the email in the morning - to get what came in overnight - and then at the end of the day - to get replies and daily emails from the day.

Targeting who you talk to and respond to is key, as well as the flip side of the coin, which is choosing who you filter out and what is worth your time. If you can make the most of your hours online, you will see results in your relationships and your business!

Laurel Nicolosi
Social Networking is like any other networking.

1 - Be Yourself

2 - Don't oversell, the used-car salesman approach went out 20 years ago

3 - Watch what you say the world is listening/reading
I apply the same strategies that you've mentioned in addition to:

4) Being myself

5) Listening/Reading to the people

6) Be careful of my wording.
I agree with the above. You have to work on your business every day. When I tend to get off target, which is easy to do - especially working from home - I ask myself, "Is it income producing or tension relieving." This helps me prioritize my time.

Building relationships is the key, and mutually rewarding.


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