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I have just discovered Ning and am trying to do some research as to how it works.

What things have any of you found that is an asset/curse to using NING vs Facebook, twitter, etc?

Is it true in regards to Ning being more fiscally more successful for users?

Any commentary  regarding NING and experiences, I would appreciate greatly!



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Each day there are atleast two to three social net works pops out. It is very difficult to rate which is the bst. I have been on two three or four social net works and have added many friends in each of these social net works. Since I do not get any responses to the questions that I ask, no responses to blogs that I write I sometimes feel that I am wasting my time in asking questions and writing my blogs. You have asked me about Ning I do not find any difference in this social net work that is better or worse than others. What I could say at present that this is also one of the social net works like other that exists.

I share your disappointment in sharing blogs and starting discussions with no member feedback. I often sit there looking at a blog I have posted and wonder why everyone else is doing the same and not commenting back. It often seems that people sign up, put their profile out there then sit back hoping to be noticed. As similar analogy would be attending a networking function then standing in the corner wondering why you haven't met anyone new then leaving a few months later with the thinking that 'these things don't work'

When I first started posting on our ning site I had hoped that as soon as I published people would follow me and start joining my conversation. What I know now is that social networking is built on trust and like any relationship should be seen as a long term strategy. People like to hear what you have to say and feel comfortable that you are consistent in your thoughts before engaging you.

Another reason to keep posting - despite the lack of feedback - is that the longer your posts are out there the higher they will rank with search engines.

In short I believe you have to start or continue posting on a regular and consistent basis and one day you will see results.
From what I have seen, in order to get people to comment on your posts, you need to ask them to do just that. There are several techniques and which one to choose will depend on you (if you can, use them all...)

One is to simply be upfront and ask for comments. And do say: maybe you could eventually post a comment down here. Be direct: Now, ask your questions below!

The question will work better if your article is managed in such a way that... something's missing. And when something is missing people are tempted to ask for the remainder.

A similar technique is to make the title the question. Then give one, two or three answers and expect others to post about the fourth, fifth, sixth... (again, you must ask them at the bottom of your article: What would you do in that situation?)

Do some Google Search for more info! It's out there... 8-)

Good luck!
Thanks Alex, this is most helpful. Being direct is a good strategy.

Cheers, Darren
I also set up a network on Ning ( and have had good luck with using it as a networking platform so far for my association members.
I've heard other writers say they think NING is the next big social media. THey really like it. I have a NING account but haven't really explored it much yet.
Thanks everyone for the fab responses! Lots of info to check out and investigate!

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Ning is a great way of getting to know people in your business line. For example, since I'm a writer, there are some writing sites such as Book Blog, Write Spot, Book Marketing, etc. They're all connected to Ning. If you become an active blogger, people get to know who you are. It's similar to this site in many ways where you can comment, blog, etc. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thank you for this site and all information abounds. I find it very interesting and I recommend it to everyone!
Good luck to you. Sincerely

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