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I have just discovered Ning and am trying to do some research as to how it works.

What things have any of you found that is an asset/curse to using NING vs Facebook, twitter, etc?

Is it true in regards to Ning being more fiscally more successful for users?

Any commentary  regarding NING and experiences, I would appreciate greatly!



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Limited functionality for businesses wanting to customize the platform. Limited demographic info. Great for novice users, or small companies.
Great question. I have no answers, by the way! But I have found Ning coming on my radar quite a bit the last few days. Interested to see what people say. I am looking at migrating a 'news' site I have to a 'community' one and Ning has caught my eye.
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Hi Suzanne,

I started a Ning site in Nov 09 - very easy to setup (took about 30mins) and seems to be very effective if you're looking for an easy set-up and straight forward to administer.

I would suggest you approve any new members though, as you get alsorts adding themselves.

I have heard though (not sure how true): if you later decide to migrate from Ning the content is very difficult to take with you - so you'd be starting from scratch again.

If you become a Ning Administrator I would be interested in hearing from you (likewise any other on this forum).

If I can be of any further help please don't hesitate to contact me.


Taking the content with you from any one site to another is always complicated, unless you manage the source itself (which obviously is definitively not the case here!)

I'm working on Web 2.0 websites and transferring from any one system to any other is generally not something you want to do (it is always doable, it depends how deep your pockets are. 8-) )

Hi Suzanne,

Ning is a great tool to create your own community.
If you do it wisely, you could build trust and promote your key business.
You will have access to many contacts.
See my community here!
It is in German Language!

Kind regards,

Not sure Interested to see what people say to :)
I have mixed reviews on Ning Sites, I have experienced mass censorship, political correctness, banned for expressing opinions of current administration. heavy argumentation from moderators, my belief is that most of the sites are infiltrated by rinos & agitators attempting to reduce the effectiveness of group participation. I could go forward with many other observations, but I believe you catch my ideas.
Isn't that a problem on all systems?!

A lot of people have problems on Facebook and MySpace... for instance. And most blogs looked into ways to prevent easy comment spamming schemes...

I have been running a free Ning Site for two years for my alumni association. It is easy for a novice to set up and maintain while more advanced users have some capability in dealing with presentation. I leverage all three platforms above plus LinkedIn for a social media presence. My Ning Site is viewed as the Main Site and I leverage a FaceBook Fan Page and a Twitter Account. I also use a LinkedIn Group that takes the activity feed from my Ning Network and posts it as News in my Linkedin Group. I have found a lot of corporate systems block Facebook and Ning sites, but allow LinkedIn access.
Thanks for bringing this up Suzanne! I never know whether to join this or not since I can't tell if its good...or some sort of scam. I look forward to the feedback! Chris

One thing I do now, is go to the home page and check the Google rank. If it is still below 4, I don't bother unless I either need it or some friends are telling me that it really is good.

Get the GoogleBar to see the rank of a page you're on. You have to change the default settings, but that's easy. 8-)

Alexis Wilke


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