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What are some good methods for promoting a new social network using social networking media?

I have created and developed a social network for about 3 months now and our membership is just at 400.  I would like to know what methods other people use to promote their own social networks.

I am also interested in ball park figures for customized programming and good sources for realiable programmers to improve the look and feel of my site.


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Blog and You tube to your target audience.....if you can appeal to that emotional connection in a way they can relate thats the begining. Blogs are viral in nature, loaded with the keywords and phrases that speak to your cause written well spread like wild fire.
Thanks. That is good advice.
That's good information. I appreciate your taking the time to reply.
Oh my! I belong to so many social networks and that's primarily how I have gathered my members so far...but, now I am off unemployment and back to work full time, so I need to streamline. :)
I'd say spread yourself around a little more! And I mean that in a good way! LOL!
Join more networks and then be sure to note your URLs for your other networks
as you go a long. This way, you should develop a good following!

It's work a shot!
appeal to emotion, be informative and engaging.

blog and youtube, great video content is what can work.
Appeal to emotion. This I have heard more than once...I need to incorporate this.
You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much! I had not previously heard about the concept of merging with another social network. Very interesting.


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