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Where do I find the URL for my Facebook Group?

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Sign into facebook. Then go to your Account Tab and select manage Pages. Then select the page you want to go to.

Hope this helps.


that's a version.
Go to your Facebook group page and then copy the URL from the Address bar in the top bar of your browser. It will be something that looks like this...

If I misunderstood your question and you are looking for a simple vanity URL for your Group, you can't do that. It's only available for Fan Pages and Personal Profiles.

- Rakesh
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Hi Nanette what you do is visit your group on facebook and at the top of your browser you are going to see the url link there. If you plan to promote your group I highly recommend shortening the link by using for free.

Hope I helped!

The Ace

All true. In the meantime you can get a custom TinyURL at  -  There is a field to fill out to request your own custom URL.   Usually you have to do a couple of dashes like this one I just created...

   If you click you will see it redirects you to the actual URL.  

 - Rob :)

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