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Here's the simple instructions for this section:

1) Post Your Twitter Url for Other Members to Follow You
2) Anyone that Replies that they are following you, then you follow them also.
3) Follow everyone that is listed, and post a reply to each person that you started to follow.
4) Log in everyday to add more followers

If you you just post your url and do not reply to other members, then you will be banned from the exchange.

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Hi Branko remember u from Ecademy
Everybody listed here alphabetically. Following all of you. Apologies If i missed anyone... -------------------THAT's Me :-)

Always put your twitter id as or instead of @syedsalman. Easier for people to click the link instead of typing out the name.
Syed... Thank you so much! I followed everyone here as well.

Thanks to all who have followed back! Hope more will to...
Thank you for the list! I made it half way through and reached a follow limit, I will try again to do the rest tomorrow!
Namaste Branko :)
I'm following you, please follow me at:
Im following u
Branko... Now Following!...


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