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Here's the simple instructions for this section:

1) Post Your Twitter Url for Other Members to Follow You
2) Anyone that Replies that they are following you, then you follow them also.
3) Follow everyone that is listed, and post a reply to each person that you started to follow.
4) Log in everyday to add more followers

If you you just post your url and do not reply to other members, then you will be banned from the exchange.

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Oke Doke I shall start following

following ironhelmet, follow me people! I'll try and follow back everyone that does =]

Following ya Matti


follwing SteveGeorges.

This is my link:

Please follow me, I'll follow everyone who does. :)

I just want to say thank you for the information you've shared.

Voyance gratuite

Follow Me! at Follow me!

Small Engines Go

My twitter url is, i promise that i will definitely follow you if you follow me.
now following Betfairguru

I use ExchangeFollows, to get tons of followers. Simply exchange follows. It really works. Try it!      

Hi how are you my name is Cindy.. I will follow you.. my twitter is


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