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One reason we use Facebook is so we can create new relationships that are reciprocal in nature, and hopefully financially rewarding.  What have you learned about marketing your business on Facebook this year that will help you increase your earnings using this social network next year?


The most important thing I learned about Facebook was how important it is to 'welcome' each new friend to my 'list' of friends.  Whenever you accept new friends, you should send a personalized message to them.  Let them know you appreciate the new bond; this helps to start the relationship off on the right foot.  As I have said so many times, successful social networking is about treating your online friends the same way you would treat your friends offline.  Be on your best manners, and treat people in the manner you wish to be treated.


If you're not thinking of Facebook marketing in this manner, then you are doing you and your business a great disservice.  In essence, you are wasting your time on Facebook if you're not assessing your business marketing behavior.  


What have you learned this year that will make your business a greater Facebook marketing success for next year?  Leave your comment below, we'd love to read about your marketing plans!

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