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Great slideshow! Thanks for the info and tips.

Karen Cioffi
Can these facts show the contents and preoccupations of collective consciousness?
Can you tell me more about the data you collected to compile this report?

It’s a really great site you have here. Thank you for the effort to be so good for us (even though we don`t deserve it) and keep it up.


We may have to start worrying about pet inflation or deflation on certain realms if people moving wow gold aren't adequately balanced by others moving in the opposite direction, but that's a self-solving problem. If pets become scarce on a realm, someone will see an opportunity to make wow gold by bringing pets in from realms where they're abundant.

That is quite surprising... I have never heard of that before reading your post!
It makes me quite puzzled and angry too!


Okay,you can do this.


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